Saturday, 20 August 2011

A-Bombers 16th Old Style Weekend (Saturday)

I Am in Love!

Not with who... but with Sweden!  Well, maybe with the boys too but a girl can't help it!  I am helpless against the Swedish charm.  You know, I really could see myself moving to Sweden.  But what would I do there?  I'd have to be married off first... that's the quickest way to do it I guess?  No really, how should I go about moving to Sweden?

Anyway, back to the point in matter hehe.

My fourth instalment of the excitement that is Hot Roddin' weekenders!  So Saturday morning came and our plan was to go to Magnus' parents who live nearby for a shower and freshen up.  How lucky are we to have that.  Actually, on previous years Malin and Magnus have stayed over at his parents during OSW.  But this time they drove their caravan along to stay in and so we all camped there staying up until god knows what hours of the day/night.  We chose our 'Races' outfits and left the campsite.  There were the four of us so a queue was formed for the shower/mirror/hair dryer!

We arrived at The Devils Peak Hill Climb Race with time to get a good viewing spot.  I was hoping that the offer of riding in one of the Rods for the race would come through but unfortunately it wasn't to be.  It would have been nice to take part, especially since it was my first visit.  Oh well, that's boys for you.  Maybe next time.  Any offers?

The crowds gathered in their hundreds.
All up the Hillside and along the whole race track route too.

The A-Bombers Speed Division team doing their bit.

All lined up and ready to go!

Dust in your face!

Here are a couple of video's that have been uploaded onto YouTube of the Devils Peak Hillclimb.

This one is of all the Cars & Rods climbing the hill and then snippets of each of them racing past!

Here's a nice little video of the Cars & Rods lining up for the Devils Peak Race with some stills of cars parked at the site.

The girls at the Races!
Malin in her tiki playsuit, Marea in a polka dot halter and denim pencil skirt.
I'm sporting a wife beater and my royal blue Tara Starlet pencil skirt with my trusty Wrangler cropped denim jacket.  It was a bit nippy!

As the race finished, crowds dispersed and we left via the car park with all the beautiful cars.

The results of the race was announced in the evening.

And lunch back at Magnus' parents home.  It was sooo yummy!
Where the sun also came out :D

This was the scene before we ate lunch.  Marea and I were so tired from being up all hours.
How embarrassing... haha!

Back at camp I had a wonder around to check out all the new arrivals before we had more drinks and got ready for the evening.  On my way I also met a very stylish lady.  I was also filmed by a Swedish TV channel during my walk for a fashion coverage :D

Look at this cute number!

I saw a fair few of my beloved Mercurys as mentioned in a previous post -

Right.  Time to get all dolled up for the evening and lots and lots of drinking too.  I was the hairstylist for the weekend which was really fun but I will leave that for another post.  Plus I have enrolled on to a make-up course too which I am really excited about.  Again we were back and forth all night between our party tent and the bands.  

The precedings for the evening.

and back again...

Now here's where the fun begins... The drink has flowed.  You have been warned!

Malin is getting violent haha!

Malin in her Stop Staring number.

I am wearing my Vivien of Holloway sarong halter dress.
We had a bit of a Hawaiian theme going on. 

Beautiful x

As more drinks flowed...

Things seemed fine again...

Or not... eek!

Back to the party tent we went with DJ Malin.

3. 4. Girls!

Things were starting to get rather messy... and I was falling off my sit.

By the end of the night Malin had to hold me up as I did my geisha steps.

And my eyes stayed closed...

That was pretty much our Saturday at The Old Style Weekend.  I know this turned into a bit of a picture post but I really don't think I could do better than show you.  We had such a blast and remembering bits and pieces of the nights event afterwards through the photographs is so much fun and sometimes so embarrassing.  I love it!  Does this make you want to go to OSW?  I hope it does because I sure want to go again.  Year on year.  I met some lovely people and although I am always silly enough to forget to take peoples contacts I know I will see them again next year or the year after.

I will tell you all about Sunday and my last days in Sweden next time as this is probably getting a bit too long now.  Until then... Alison xx

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