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A-Bombers 16th Old Style Weekend (Friday)

Sooo lovelies, this is the third post in my series of my double weekenders at Hot Rod Rockin' Rockabilly Festivals and what a blast I have had!  Why can't life be like that all the time?  But I am back at work now and reality hits, along with tiredness and sore necks.  At least this will help me to re-live the moments and enjoy my memories :D 

Now, packing light isn't my forte.  Especially when it involves dressing for an occasion but having to pre-decide the outfits.  Of course I have to over-pack because a girl needs her options!  Those options included six pairs of shoes... even if I was camping.  Shoes can change an outfit or make or break it right?

The breakdown of my suitcase for A-Bombers OSW is as follows...
2x Pencil Skirts - 1x High-waisted Denim Shorts - 1x Freddies of Pinewood Dungarees - 2x Hawaiian print Dresses - 3x 'Alison staple' Cropped Tops - 1x Hot Rod Hayride Tee - 1x White Wife Beater - 2x Cropped Cardigans - 1x Nautical Stripe Tee - 1x Plaid Shirt - 1x High-waisted Sailor Trousers - 1x Denim Jacket - 1x Leopard Furry Cropped Jacket - 2x Handbags - 3x Shoppers/Totes - 1x Pin-Up Heels - 2x Wedges - 1x Ballet Pump - 1x Sandals - 1x trusty Red Wellies - dozen Hair Flowers - a few Hair Scarves - 25x Lingerie & Stockings... plus all the other essentials that were popped in along the way.

Now do you see what I mean?  Hmm, how long was I there for?  Haha...

Arriving in Göteborg on Thursday the first thing Malin and I did was three hours of shopping before I even dropped off my luggage.  We did pick up some essentials like Rum and other alcoholic beverages.  Back at Malin and Magnus' in the evening we relaxed in the warm glow of the garden with a barbecue and some rum and coke cola before getting everything ready for an early start the next morning.  This was truly the start of my holiday.  Start as you mean to go on as they say.

Boy were we travelling in style!  Here we are, three in a car :)

Malin with a head of rollers ready for the nights festivities.

Magnus gets Road Rage

The first signs of our impending arrival on site of The Old Style Weekend!

There were some light spitting but I had my wellies at the ready

This was the view from the back window of M&M's beautiful 60s caravan.  The inside is incredibly decorated in Tiki style in all it's original glory.  Silly me did not remember to take photographic evidence to show you all.  Oh well, I will just have to visit them again.  I have an excuse now ;)

After setting up on site with the caravan, tent and our party tent (and what a party it was) we headed back out to pick up Marea.  The same Marea who performed burlesque at Malin's birthday do at Kontiki which I posted about back in March/April on my last visit to Sweden.  There were more and more caravans and tents setting up now.  Before we were ready to get going for the evening we had a quick look around the site.  Some shopping was had too.

Pin-Striping going on day through to nightfall.

Right, it was time to go back and get ready and beautify ourselves.
Our tummies were also rumbling!

The barbecue king was at it once again.
Barbecued hot dogs anyone?  We had Veggie, meat & spicy.

Finger lickin' good!

Camping Poster Girl maybe?

Magnus was piling on the accessories!
Yummy crispy onions and potato salad, although no roll for me.  Too much.

Hair and make-up went flying after this whilst poor Magnus was left to his own devices and drinking... Here were the outfits for our Friday night party.

A cheeky sneak peek at Malin's new Vivian of Holloway dress before the hair job.
I flew this in for her from Old Blighty!

Here I am in my Mode Merr cropped gingham peasant top and a pair of high-waisted denim shorts.  This was completed with a pair of tiki-ish wedges and occasionally my red wellies when venturing outdoors.

A completed shot of Malin with Magnus in his trusty white tee and denim jeans.

Here we are, three girls together!  Marea sporting a cute black playsuit.
All of us with flowers in our hair.

The rest of the night lots of dancing ensued and band watching was enjoyed.  Especially Evil Emil & King Kongo Cobras.  The rest of the bands became a blur after that.  Not because they were not good but because nothing was going to stand in the way of our dancing!  Hey, my peachy behind hit the the floor no less than five times.  Not all my own doing mind since I was being picked up and thrown around by my dance partners.  I'm surprised that there were no evidence of such happenings the day after,  rainbow, black and blue.

I found this on YouTube of Evil Emils performance at this years OSW

As the night wore on and 3am approached us girls split up.  Malin and Magnus headed back to their caravan. Marea was off with friends she met at the previous years OSW.  And as for me... I ended up hanging out with a bunch of boys.  Not just any old boys, but The A-Bombers boys ;)  Haha...  No, they were nice boys really.

It must have been maybe 5am when my sleeping bag was calling me.  An even longer day was waiting for us for Saturday.  The Devils Peak Hill Climb!  Marea... she was still going.

What a day, one I will remember and treasure forever.  My first taste of The A-Bombers Old Style Weekend.  I think I'm in love... but who with?

Next write up of Saturday and Sunday very soon.

For now,
Alison xx

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