Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hot Roddin' - The 7th Hayride (Friday)

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.  Especially to those in England where things are really heating up at the moment.  I have just come back from my holiday to all this craziness and really don't know what to think of it!

I have been so bogged down with all sorts I haven't had a chance to write up any of the events I have been attending this summer :(
I will skip over the Chap Olympiad as it gets so much coverage now a days and I am so late in writing it up there's not too much point.  I am going to shoot right to The 7th Hot Rod Hayride in Bisley!

I moved into the area around two years ago and had no idea that The Hayride was held here.  I missed the 6th event but attended the 7th as my first.  Since I literally only live down the road I went back and forth and didn't have to camp.  I was also able to make myself look pretty and wear heels when I pleased, hehe.  I say down the road but what I mean is 5mins in a taxi which I found out the hard way.  On my first trip over to the Bisley Pavilion I walked it thinking it wasn't too far away; which it really wasn't.  35mins by foot according to Maps on my iphone.  It however failed to tell me that most of the route had no footpath and I ended up on the edge of the road facing the traffic for safety.  I did however bump into a lovely sight of two deers in the wild!

Day One

I spent most of the day time looking at all the amazing cars and taking lots of photographs.

Cars and Rods lined up outside the Pavilion

A Special Guest at The Hayride

I then did a round at the stalls... first to pick up a tee :)

Where I purchased this lovely Beaded Evening Bag...

Some other stalls and the Atomic Cafe...

The lovely Freddies of Pinewood with a cute pup in their tent!

Where I purchased this lovely pair of 1940s style Dungarees...
And now that I know the sizes fit me, I shall be purchasing more online soon :)

With baggage in toll, I decided to head back home before coming back for the bands and dancing in the evening.  The first nights line-up of DJs and bands were -

 Little Carl - Hot Doggin - Lucky Phil - Knocksville - Lucky Phil - The John Lewis Trio - Little Carl with a performance by the lovely Anna Fur Laxis!

Knocksville - who were rather enjoyable!

See for yourself :)

It was so cute how all the girls took over the dance floor and were line-dancing together!  That was basically the end of Friday, my first day at The Hayride!  Very enjoyable indeed and with lovely weather to boot.

For those who are interested and know that I love to style hair.  Here is a photo of my Friday hair do... A simple faux fringe roll with a red hibiscus on the end.

More of the rest of the event in my next post. xx

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