Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Something of Interests...

You may well have read a not too distant post of mine about a blog sponsorship I had and the fun of trying on all their clothes in their Spitalfields store!  It so happens the lovely Tara from Collectif popped over an email to my inbox today with something rather exciting for everyone.  Collectif have been campaigning for 10'000 likes on their FB fan page and reached that hit today(in fact it's nearly a hundred above that as I type).  Congrats guys!  Once their goal was reached they would start to run a competition to give away 1000s of prizes which they have been collecting and hoarding up until this point from various amazing like-minded companies.

Not only is the give-away happening, but because they are so lovely and really do appreciate their fans and customers so much they have an extra special offer just for us to say a huge thank you for supporting their independent label.  Running from tomorrow noon onward...

Happy shopping!  Don't forget it's not too late to enter their give-away too.  Just go and like their fan page ;)

Have a good evening,
Alison xx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Things are Lookin' Up!

This summer is set to be funfunfun!  Tomorrow I shall be resettling back into London living.  Yes!  After 4/5 years of living in Surrey I shall now be moving my abode back to the Big Smoke.  I have been planning this move since the end of last year but things were happening and it just got delayed.  Never the less it is all a reality now and I am all set up to make the most of this summer.  Not that I will be here the whole time mind.  I have a couple of exciting trips abroad already pencilled in but of course there will be the usual shenanigans going ons here in Old London town!

In no particular order, here are a few events I shall be attending...

This will be my first time at High Rockabilly in Spain which I am super duper excited about.  Especially since the weather hasn't been exactly 'summery' to say the least here in the UK, although I am not the biggest fan of the sun(due to the pale & interesting look I tend to keep) I do like the warmth and what it does to peoples happiness.  I shall be joining Malin and friends on this little trip to do some rockin' & rollin' in September which right now seems years away, haha.

The Chap Olympiad comes but once a year and on this particular year of the Olympics itself the event has been made double the fun by hosting a whole full weekend rather than the the usual one dayer.  Lovely Beck shall be joining myself again this year which will be my... 4th?  Along with my Chap loving friends!  Fun and games shall be had along with a tipple or two.

On this very same weekend a friend is also hosting a tiki double birthday party at her home which calls for some themed get-up.  Now, I will have to decide nearer the time whether this can actually work out.  It will be a lot of back and forth between home and destinations.  At least I have the requirements down.  Coconut bra - Check, Leas - Check, Hawaii dresses - Always Checked!

I am back there again!  I had so much fun last year I am going back for more Hot Rod watching and Hot Guys eyeing at Sweden's A-Bombers Old Style Weekend.  This little weekender will be held in August, smack bang in the middle of the two events mentioned above and my first official holiday of the year.  I CANNOT wait :D

You can read all about the frolics I had last year in these posts - 1, 2 & 3.  Yes, I actually posted three separate write ups on it.  It must be a sign of how great it was no?!

My favourite photo from last years event.

This is just a taster of things to come.  As always, things just seem to pop up which you have to attend!  Gosh... think of all the outfits I have to put together.  I am REALLY looking forward to it ;)
What are all your plans this summer lovin'?

Righto, better get back to finishing my packing. Eek!
Alison xxx

Ps. If you are reading this sis I didn't waste any precious packing time writing this up today :P

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins

Today marks the anniversary of the legendary Norman Keith Collins' death (January 14, 1911 - June 12, 1973).  Most people best know him as Sailor Jerry; the tattoo artist.  Born in Northern California, Norman started to learn the art of tattooing from Gib "Tatts" Thomas in Chicago during the 1920s.  When he turned 19 years of age Norman joined up with the United States Navy.  With them he travelled the seas wide across the Pacific, China and Japan before finally settling down in Hawaii in the early 1930s.  It was here that Norman opened up his Sailor Jerry Tattoo Parlour in Honolulu's Hotel Street.  Having been fascinated with Asian art and culture through his travels and seafaring ending up in Honolulu's Chinatown just felt right to him.  With all the hustle and bustle of sailors passing through and Chinatown feeding his interest in their culture it was a good mix of the two things close to his heart.

Of course this is a very very brief insight into the life of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins.  He was much more than just a sailor and tattoo artist.  He was an innovator for the tattoo industry.  Setting the standards high in both his craft and the way he worked.  SJ didn't lose his sea-legs altogether when he set up shop but remained a sailor to his death working as a skipper on a large three-masted schooner.  As they say - Once a Sailor.  Always a Sailor!

My personal growing fascination with tattoos and tattooing has led me to all different places including The London Tattoo Convention last year.  My own tattoos also seem to attract a lot of attention which I am still getting use to.  I had my very first tattoo ten years ago and since then have added a few more to my body.  Currently I have a list with a number of designs in mind including a big thigh piece which I am holding off on for the moment.  I'm hoping that Valerie will again work on this piece for me; that is if she can fit me in!  My last piece was made a year and two days ago, haha I am literally counting down the days.  You can tell I'm craving for my next.  They say it's addictive and I guess it is!

My own classic style tattoo - 6yrs old

Right this very moment if you happen to be in London you may well have come across the pop-up bar Sailor Jerry - 'Hotel Street' on Charing Cross Road.  It opened up in April and will be around until mid July (not very long) so be sure to swing by if you are in town.  I have frequented the bar a couple of times and probably will do so many times again before it disappears for good.  During the day you can grab yourself a coffee, some merchandise, as well as view some of Sailor Jerry's original flashes on the 2nd floor exhibition.  In the evening the bar starts to flow and music plays.  Bands and events run on various dates which you can find out about via their FB page or on their website.  I highly recommend a visit.  It's rather cute!

Blurrry pic of me with the wall of flashes...

The Bar where I am yet to try 'Hotel Hooch'

Hmm... I have always wanted an anchor and a pair of swallows but just haven't figured out where I want to place them on my body.  Maybe I'll have something small inked very soon.

Until next time... Make mine a large Rum and Coke with Lime.  Cheers SJ!
Alison xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Min Boudoir - An Interview with their Editor in Chief

When I first realise that there was to be a new Pin-Up/Vintage lifestyle magazine in the making I was very excited.  When I realised it would be a Swedish Pin-Up/Vintage lifestyle magazine I became super excited!  I love Sweden and my Swedish lovelies.  In my twelve/thirteen years in London I have met so many Sweds and have become particularly close to my favourite blondie Malin whom you will have seen on here many a times before.  I cannot wait to hang out with Malin again this summer!

Anyway back to the subject in hand.  I basically became rather intrigued with the birth of this new publication and decided I would get in touch with them to find out a little bit more.  That is when I found myself exchanging emails with the lovely Tifa Högberg; Editor-in-chief of Min Boudoir.

Tifa as the cover girl on the very first edition of Min Boudoir.

Here Tifa answers a few of my burning questions...

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Stockholm (which is the capital of Sweden) but from age six me and my family moved out to the countryside. My interest of vintage have always been there but didn't really affect my life until about 10 years ago when I rediscovered Bettie Page and was drawn to the whole pin-up thing.

How did you come to fall in love with vintage and the pin-up style?

When rediscovering Bettie Page I also learned about the pin-up scene over in the US. I discovered models like Bernie Dexter and Sabina Kelley who caught my eye and my fascination grew stronger and stronger and I slowly started to experimenting with vintage hairstyles and clothing. In Sweden the rockabilly scene was big but no one did pinup modelling. So I decided to start out!

One of Tifa's modelling shots

At home... every bit the pin-up 24/7

Have you always worked in the publishing industry?

Not at all! I studied media in high school and that's it! For me it's always been easy with everything from writing to editing movies and things like that but after school I worked with totaly different things for many years. When I decided to go with my dream I did it all from scratch. From meetings with writers to actual places I could get the finished mag printed. I bought all the software that would be needed like InDesign and Photoshop and learned as I went forward.

What made you decide to publish your own magazine?

When I realized that there never was a magazine for me to read I decided to do something about it! I was also starting to move more and more away from modeling myself and doing burlesque (after doing it for several years) but my heart really belongs to that scene so I wanted to do something different but still in the same area. If I haven't started the magazine I'd probably start my own vintage inspired clothing label, taken up pin up photography or started a band... who knows. I'm not one of those who can just sit around and do nothing!

How hard was it to come up with the name and what inspired it?

Hmm I'm not really sure how it came to be. I wanted a name that could include all kinds of topic. Not just retro clothing or only burlesque.
Min Boudoir means My Boudoir. And that is what I want the magazine to be, when you read it you'll go to that girlie place where it's all about stockings, fashion and hairstyles. Well not only of course, but in my head I see a woman lounging somewhere sipping on a cocktail and reading.

How long did it take from dreaming up the magazine to turning it into reality?

Well it's been in my head for a couple of years but from when I actually started out working on it took me less than a year to have the first issue out. When I do something I really do it! Looking back there are tons of things I could have done differently. I could probably have saved myself a great deal of money and sleep if I'd done my homework on a couple of things. But I've unfortunately seen too many people starting on their dreams and didn't follow through because they were scared, didn't know exactly how or didn't know where to start. I had no clue, but a strong will and just thought to myself "I'll learn while doing it". I hope to inspire others to go ahead with their dreams.

What are the Min Boudoir team working on at the moment?

Next issue, the third one is coming out later this month so most of the time right now goes to putting the last pieces together!

Team MB!

Are you involved with any other projects outside of the magazine?

Haha feels like I'm always involved in what going on. But lately I've decided to start saying no, even to things I want to do like modeling or burlesque shows. There is simply no time and I need to stop pushing myself too hard. But yes there are some modeling and shows ahead but... ah well it’s hard not to when it's so much fun!

Where would you like to take Min Boudoir from here on?

I’d like to see it bigger, more issues each year and in English for all the Europeans that is waiting for it (US as well).

Where will we be seeing the Min Boudoir name this year? Events etc?
We will sponsor some vintage and burlesque events but I cannot reveal to much just yet ;)

* * * * *
I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about Tifa and her dream, Min Boudoir.  This was my second interview for The Dressing Parlour and I rather liked conducting them actually.  I will try to interview some more interesting people very soon.  Thank you again to Tifa for taking the time out to answer my questions!  I cannot wait to see issue three and what is install for Min Boudoir in the future.

Good night all xxx

One last pic - such cute hair!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Winner Is...

Around noon today as I was making my way back home to Surrey from staying at a friends after a night out it seemed the rest of London were heading central for the festivities in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  As I happen to be working most of this extended holiday I have decided today to be a catchup day at home.  There has been so much happening in my life recently I think I need a breather rather than a crowded day in the big smoke.  Although I did happen to be wearing something quite patriotic with my red lips, nails and cardigan teamed with my favourite Freddies Dungaree Dolly's.  My hair was all coiffed and rolled still from the previous evening.  All I needed was a white blouse and a flag!

 On to business of the day.  It's about time I picked the winner to my little give-away!

Into my Deco jewellery jar - the only alternative to pulling a name out of a hat! 

Give them a good cocktail style shake!

Congratulations goes to Miss...

Please get in touch Ella!  You are the winner of a copy of Wearable Vintage Fashion.  Thank you to all who entered my first give-away.  My apologies again for not making this a worldwide competition.  I promise to do another give-away very soon and one that is open to all :)

Have a lovely long weekend everyone whatever you have planned.  I have been invited to a bbq on Monday evening so lets see what fun and frolics are installed!

Alison xxx

Ps. This little post was sound-tracked by a bit of Swan Lake and Buddy Holly played on the black stuff.