Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pin-Up Assistant

Hello!  Sorry I've been a bit quiet of late.  If you read my last post you will know I have been a busy bee doing stuff.  Stuff I can write about too but it has also meant I've had no time to actually write them up.  So I thought I would tease you a little with this quick update.

A couple of weekends ago Miss Cherrylicious did a stint at It's Something Hell's owned by Mr. Ducktail and Miss Betty.  I was their attentive Pin-Up Assistant for the day!  Something a bit different for me as I am usually the one with the assistants.  I had rather a lot of fun and met some lovely people and Miss Minna popped by to see me too.  She did end up having a quick trim on her bangs.

It was in a way a wee bit nostalgic but just not as glamorous.  When I was at school I did two weeks work experience at my local hair and beauty salon.  It's funny because I had a crush on this boy in my class and his sister was one of the hair stylists at the salon.  I found out a few things about him.  He was definitely a sweetie.  I remember I really enjoyed myself.  Painting my nails, getting my ears pieced.  Working too of course  but it was a good memory.  Shame I didn't follow it through as I love doing all that hair and make-up girly fun these days.

Anyway, here's a couple of pics taken on the day...

You will find me sporting this little number around town proudly! 

This was short but sweet.  More posts soon.  I promise.

Tara for now,
Alison xxx

Monday, 5 November 2012

This, Last and Next...

Weekends that is.  I did some fun things and will be participating in some other fun things before Christmas really kicks in.

Last weekend was a lot of plans and un-plans.  Realising I didn't have to work and that some of my friends were going to the sold out second Halloween Torture Garden night I tried to get my hands on a ticket.  Since that wasn't going too well I decided to have dinner and drinks with a friend.  That was until Saturday morning when she told me she could only go for one.  One!?  I decided to postpone and headed back to Surrey to hang out with my baby pups.  This worked out quite well because I had planned on going back the next weekend but something came up, which I will write about next. Anyway, I headed to the suburbs with some goodies in hand.  Goodies to do my hair with!

I had called ahead to make sure my sis would be in so that I could rope her into doing my hair for me.  Hehe.  I had been considering going the full head of turquoise but knowing how busy I would be in the coming months I decided against it.  I wouldn't have the time to maintain it.  So I opted for an alternative.  1/3 turquoise!  Plus the front section I kept because I love how my rolls look with it.

The front re-done

My triangle of blueness :D 

I'm loving it!  Except my scalp hurts a bit from the bleaching.  I will try and show you another photo soon when I fashion it into some style or up-do.

This was my Saturday night in well spent.  The only thing was.  Two hours after arriving a friend knew a friend who had some tickets going for TG.  Typical.

Sunday was lovely and went as pre-planned for once.  It was absolutely freezing here but we holed up in new Dalston drinking/stew house The Dead Dolls Club for my favourite; Sunday Roast!  It was so lovely, cosy and warm in there.  We didn't want to leave for fireworks.  But of course we did.  Not before we squeezed in some crumble for desert.  Even if we were about to burst due to yummy roast goodness.  In a very good way.

The Duke

Guy Fawkes. Happy to say that my pups don't get distressed by this. They just carry on as normal.

Onto This coming weekend... On Saturday I shall be working, but not at my usual job.  Nope.  You will all be able to swing by to It's Something Hell's Rockabilly Barbers to say a little hi.  I shall be bringing out Miss Cherrylicious guest pin-up assistant to Mr Ducktail for the day.  My lovely friend Sharon of Minnie Moons is their regular pin-up assistant.  Why not come and get a kut or pick up a tee whilst I'm there?  I will make sure you get taken care of!

Finally the Next weekend.  You shall find me hanging out at Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday the 17th.  No not to shop, but to curate.  There will be a Pop Up Vintage Fashion Show and yours truly will be up early and down there styling some outfits along with a handful of other talented people.  More on this soon.  On the Sunday I will be heading west by invitation to visit a lovely luxury lingerie boutique to meet with the owner.  I will keep you posted on all things frilly and lacy.

Well, that's the weekends sorted.  In between all this and more I will be squeezing in an attendance at a magazine launch, writing up an interview, DJing at an event, more drinks and dinner with friends and starting a new job.  A new job for the same company.  I have been promoted at work so a new title and at a new location :D  I shall be very busy indeed.

Hopefully I will be back on here with more updates very soon.  So much to write about!

Until next time, toodles!
Alison xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Year of Partying!

Everything is in the detail and you get the lot from Angels new book.  I recently attended the launch of The Vintage Tea Party Year (available here) and as you can imagine it was one very beautiful party.  Angels book was brought to life with her Vintage Patisserie team.

The book itself is more than just recipes, it's an all round handy elegant guide to organising your very own party.  As with her first book the illustrations are beautiful, the images and props are fantastic.  It's perfect for quick reference inspirations as well as planning ahead with food, hair tips, styling and decorating around the home.  Coming just under 300 pages, there's a lot of delights to feast your eyes on.

Here are a few photos I snapped at the event...

All the yummy looking food can be found in the book.

Here I am with the glowing Angel!
The opera length leather gloves are out. It's getting cold.

Lucky there were no bunnies in sight. Note the cute basket plate :) 

This loveliness was in the goody bag and what a goody bag it was!

You may also spot a familiar face in there *winkwink*
I did a write up of the shoot earlier on in the year > here

Go grab a copy in time for Guy Fawkes partying!  Or Christmas.... Or New Years...

I would also like to mention that I bumped into lovely Fleur whom I have not seen for quite some time but that's not it.  She introduced me to Katie.  Yes, that Katie of "What Katie Did" whose lingerie I adore!  Best faux vintage lingerie around.

I have another exciting launch to attend next week but ahead of that I shall be looking forward to Sunday Roast with friends followed by fireworks for afters!

Take care,
Alison xxx