Friday, 30 September 2011

London Tattoo Convention 2011

Well, this Saturday gone I went to my very first tattoo convention!  I have been wanting to visit one for some time now having seen both the London and Brighton ones advertise over the years.  Also from back when I was still performing burlesque I had been asked to perform at a convention, although I cannot remember if it was the same one.  Maybe it was but it was at the London Olympia and I was already engaged so could not perform unfortunately.

The London Tattoo Convention was again being held at The Tobacco Dock in Wapping for the fourth year running.  I had intended on having another tattoo done at the convention but one thing or another led me to decide against it for this time.  Maybe I will have one at next years event if I attend again.  They had a free bus running to take you to the tobacco dock from Tower Hill which was great as we weren't really sure how to get there.  Although the bus journey only seemed to take 5 minutes.  The inside of the the bus was all bubblegum blue and pink loveliness!  Kate took some photos of me in the bus but I haven't seen them yet.

Once inside we went to explore all the different artists, rooms and booths.  There were so many people to see but of course there were plenty of time to do so.  Even though I had already decided not to have one done here this year I was still on the look out for a good artist.  They are hard to come by, the ones you really love.  It is for life after all.

A lovely looking gal with her man having some work done.

The boys - Thom and Fred as we sat down for a wee drink.

Kate and I messing around.
Kate with her newly dyed 'apricot' hair which I love!

On our way in the lovely gorgeous Vanessa Lake walked pass us, and here she is at her calendar signing.  I also love her hair!  Again, another thing that makes me misses mine.  I still haven't figured out what to do with it yet since my last post.

After Fred decided who he wanted to have his tattoo work by we spent the evening drinking and watching performances in Vince Rays Voodoo Crypt and on the main stage.  If you happen to come across any photos of me at the convention I would love to see them.  I had my picture taken on several occasions as I seem to at such events.  There are lots of random photos of me floating around the internet and I have no idea where.

This strong girl  held on for at least 5 seconds like that.

The Fuel Girls breathing flames on everyone.

After a bit of much needed food, especially for Fred we went on our way to Spider Murphy's Tattoo booth.  Now if I were to have work done by anyone else other than Valerie I think it would be them.  I especially liked Pauls work.  I believe they will definitely be back next year so who knows.  Or maybe I will be lucky enough to visit them in their home town of California.  They had their amazing book on sale at the convention but it was a little steep to even consider purchasing at the event.

Here's the artist at work.

The result of £120 well spent!

I wasn't sure what to expect going to a tattoo convention and not having tattoo work but it was fun.  It was great to see all the different artists at work, all the people there to watch, the performances and the general atmosphere.  There was a room of traditional tattooist which looked interesting and very painful.  The food wasn't great but ho-hum.  I didn't buy anything from the stalls but there were quite a few.  There was even a wedding ceremony apparently.  I would go again but have to add that £34 for the ticket is probably a little dear.  Overall it was a thumbs up and a good first visit.

I have to apologize as I am a bad blogger and as usual forgot to take an outfit shot.  Probably forgetting because other people were taking pics of me so didn't end up taking much myself.  Here is one last pic of Kate and I with my staple faux bang and some white roses on the side.  I was wearing my new Vivien of Holloway leopard sarong dress with some nude seamed stockings and a pair of 6 inch black leather, wooden heeled sandals.  This was accompanied by my burgundy faux croc skin vanity case handbag.

Maybe I will see some of you there next year.  Toodles xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Along Came Polly...

Polly of the California kind that is.

I first came across Polly of California some years back but I have recently acquired a new obsession with them.  Their Genie mule was an iconic shoe of the 50s and 60s.  Famously worn by Marilyn Monroe (apparently they were her favourites) and Debbie Harry of Blondie on the cover of Parallel Lines.

These amazing wooden clogs were known for their comfort as well as their style with it's unmistakeable half metal tipped heel being named the 'glamour clogs'.  Pin-Ups, actresses and Burlesque ladies alike loved them.  I love them!

I came across this amazing collection of vintage deadstock Pollys on Etsy but unfortunately I am too late as they have all been sold :(  Still I can enjoy looking at them and maybe one day I can find myself a pair just as beautiful!

Luckily for me Polly have recently re-established and you can now buy an all new genuine pair of Genies in an array of leather, colours and sparkles.  Or you can opt for one of their 'new' designs and there are some lovely ones!  Another choice would be to buy some from Bordello or Betsey Johnson who use the same manufactures to make their version of the Polly heels.  Just as good but being a vintage lovin' gal I would love to own an original pair.  Who wouldn't?

I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair or two of these.  Hopefully before it gets too cold to wear and they are relegated to the shoe cupboard to wait for next years sun!  My shoe obsession continues... xx

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Long and Short of it

It's a dilemma everyone faces but for some reason this summer I have had a particularly harder time deciding on what to do.  Am I confusing you?  I'm confused myself it seems.  What to do?  What to do??

It is the subject of hair I speak of and I just cannot decide for the life of me what to do with it.  Short or Long, Long or Short?  You see, I usually have this routine where for the last few years I have grown it long, I mean actually long and then I would cut it really short again.  Bob short.  I have no issue with having my hair in any of these lengths so that is not the problem.  I'm also capable of styling, setting and up-do's over all these lengths too.  So why the dilemma?

Maybe I have enjoyed having my long hair more so this summer.  One thing I have done differently is having it long and permed.  This I guess in some ways have made my life a lot easier in terms of having it down at the back and only styling it at the front and side sections.  I've put in all sorts of rolls - forwards, back, sideways, you name it.  Faux bangs with flowers, headscarf and they have all been very effective with very little effort I should say.

My current waist length hair with waves from la perm and staple faux bang.

You may think that it doesn't look much like I have curly hair what with my perm but my hair is superly blunt straight in its natural form.  So much so that people always thought I straightened it and wondered where I got the time to do so when I sometimes had to be at work for 6am.  This perm was from a year and a half ago when I went back to Hong Kong for a visit.  It was my second perm and my first was back in 2005/6 which was a major success.  I would urge anyone thinking of it to give it a whirl, especially if you like to set your hair at home.  It really helped to keep my set in and lasted much longer.  It was also great for styling rolls as my hair was just so straight I would have to always plan ahead and sleep in some rollers just for that.  I have let my hair get to it's length whilst keeping the perm.  Usually I would have given it the chop by now and most of the perm gone with it.

Perfect Cloche hair - Short and Set!

In colour glory!
I do love my hair in this. This was when I first had my hair dyed ginger and you can see it's deeper than the bright ginger in the photos below. This short set is fab but too much work for day to day so unfortunately it is not viable. 

Mid-Long with side fringe.

I have to say, out of all the styles, lengths and cuts I have ever had I miss my ginger locks the most.  The down side with all the bleaching and dyeing is that I have to keep it straight.  The perming and all the chemicals is just too much even with my super strong and thick hair it started to get dry and damaged :(  I have always wanted to go platinum blond 1920s style but again it would have to be left un-permed which is just no good at all.

Ginger Bob!

My Non-Straightened hair au natural-ish

More recently I have felt comfortable again with pulling my hair away from my face on both sides.  This is odd since I am not that confident a person.  I guess putting my hair in any particular style is all  part of the war paint which I wear day to day.  It helps to feel better about yourself on the inside if you look good on the outside too.  I know some people may view this as being superficial but this is fact and everyone feels this way at some point in their life.  If you looked as good as these lovely ladies below wouldn't you feel a whole lot better?  At least people will view you in that light even during those times when you are not feeling your best on the inside.

What lovely heads of hair!

The lady herself at the Hair Parlour!

The easiest thing to do would be to take five inches or so off and re-perm my hair.  An in-between length to keep down and enough hair for up dos.  What do you think?  How do you ladies decide what to do?  Do you change your style regularly too or stick to what you know works best for you?  xx