Saturday, 27 October 2012

I Am Miss Cherrylicious

Hello :)

This is just a swift blog post to tell you all that I have finally set up a page for my pin-up modeling work over on Facebook.  Not really sure why I never did it before or why I have done so all of a sudden.  A friend of mine gave me a little nudge and after a think over it I realised that over the years since I started, I have modeled more this year than any other single year.  It seems strange that this should be but I think it is.  It would be lovely if you would join me over on Facebook and gave me a wee like if you so desired :D  I do so appreciate all your support; reading and following me.  I really enjoy writing these posts and am considering doing some other writing too.

I shall hope to update my Miss Cherrylicious page with new photos and have already uploaded a selection of older ones which I have not posted on here before.  I have three shoots from earlier on in the year which I am yet to receive photos for so they will probably go up soon.  There is talk of possible modeling for an exciting new brand.  If that goes ahead I shall be shooting before Christmas too.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to locate all of my photographs from over the years.  Some may be lost forever unless I come across them online.  I have changed computers a few times and probably didn't save/transfer everything over.  Oopsy.

Here's a little teaser of what's over there...

I'm in midst of writing another post so will be back shortly!
It's gone 4am here in Blighty and I should really be getting some shut eye.

Nighty night for now,
Alison xxx

Friday, 19 October 2012

Latex Love - Très Bonjour

I am always cooing and swooning over all the gorgeous latex and lovely ladies in latex I come across but am yet to own a piece myself.  Not that I haven't wanted to of course, for years now but it isn't something you can throw on to go to the shops with.  I can definitely think of a few places/events I would wear latex to but so far it hasn't pushed me enough to purchase an outfit.  Although I have been considering it more and more.  Do any of my lovely readers wear latex?  Is it the case of once you pop you just can't stop?  Will I get the bug and continue to amass a big collection?  I do seriously think that before the end of the year if/when I have some money to spare I will have purchased a pair of stockings at least.  Now, they are something I can definitely wear I have no doubt.  A lovely pair of glossy pins!  They are probably perfect for the winter months ahead of us in fact.

I came across this lovely set recently whilst blogging lingerie over on my Tumblr page and well, what lingerie loving lady could say no to this?!

Lost Paradise collection by Très Bonjour from Berlin

Some other loveliness from Très Bonjour...

I thought this post was perfect for today as it is National Stockings Day!  I may well have to seek out their showroom when I do finally get my peachy behind off to Berlin.  I hope you all had your sexy pins stocking-ed up and your seams straight today (everyday)!

Have a lovely evening,
Alison xxx

Monday, 8 October 2012

This Time I Got Tattooed!


Yes, so I mentioned in my last post that I got myself a new tattoo last weekend.  I attended The London Tattoo Convention for the second time which was in its 8th year.  Last year I attended without the intention of getting tattooed as it was very last minute plus I already had two new ones completed earlier on in the year.  One being my arm which was started in Dec 2010 and finished in Jan 2011 and my ribs which I had last summer as a birthday present to myself.  I actually had it done the day before my birthday.  So it's been a while since I was last inked.  I was definitely itching for another.  Especially when you have a list of all the ones you want!  The only thing keeping me away is the cost.

I went knowing that I wanted to get tattooed and by whom.  Unfortunately I was too late when I emailed the guys at Spider Murphy's Tattoo a couple of months ago; they were already booked up. My only chance was to turn up super early to try and speak to them, flutter my lashes and somehow sweet talk them into tattooing me.  I'm happy to say something did the trick and the lovely Matt Howse squeezed me in between two of his pre-booked appointments.  It was either Matt or Paul Anthony Dobleman that I had wanted so I was one happy girl indeed.

Here I am being very ladylike with skirt hitched up high awaiting the needle.  I'm sure at some point I probably flashed everyone my stocking tops & suspenders but I was obviously way too preoccupied and in pain to notice!  When choosing my outfit that morning the only thing I thought about was making sure the back of my neck was accessible.  I very nearly wore a tight pencil dress!   

Tada! This is the new piece.  More boudoir inspired goodness to go with my arm.
There will definitely be more on this theme soon if I can help it.

How do you like it?  I am really happy with the design.  I just love how you can tell an artist what you want to incorporate and they can whip up a drawing just like that.  I hadn't really pictured how the juxtaposition of the lipstick and compact mirror would work coming out of the rose but Matt has got it spot on.  Pretty much everyone who has seen it since has commented on how it is very "me".  I love that all my tattoos reflect who I am as that is exactly what I feel they should be.  They are now a part of me.  Not everything that is me but part of who I am.

I have to add, this has got to be the most painful session I've had.  I'm not sure if it was because of where I was being tattooed, Matt or I had just not expected that amount of pain?  It was definitely worst than my ribs which wasn't too bad for me but I was told beforehand it's one of the worst places pain-wise.  Oh well, it's over with now but just a warning for those thinking of getting something in that area too.  A rum and coke was on order straight after that!

Apart from getting tattooed and going round to all the booths to look at artists works and at work we went to this years pop-up cinema to watch the preview of Tattoo Nation.  The final cut is still being made for release early next year.  I didn't end up seeing any of the stage performances as a few were the same as 2011.  Lucky Hell the Sword Swallowing Showgirl was the only performer I really wanted to see but she didn't perform on Sunday.  Sad face.

I came across a photo of me on Flickr here but not any of my full outfit.  I never come across any of the photos that other people take of me when I'm out and about at events etc.  Here are a few of the photos that I did take myself...

Tattooed legs above all by these guys at Scapegoat Tattoo Co who are amazing!
Would love to get tattooed by them one day.

Some lovely flashes which I want to pick up.

Matt and Paul at their stand

Official poster painted by Paul this year

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum 

Normans actual business card

That was pretty much the day.  Spending the whole day there is fun but tiring.  I leave you here with a photograph of the girls and I at the annual pre-convention party held by The Family Business where we got just a bit tipsy!

Take care,
Alison xxx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The VP's Vintage Hair & Make-Up Academy

Hello lovely readers, hope you are all coping well with this drastic weather here in Blighty?  Or maybe you are reading this from sunnier climates?  I've been up to all sorts in the last couple of weeks which included attending the first class of Vintage Patisserie's new venture with Lipstick & Curls - The Vintage Hair & Make-Up Academy.

Now, you may be thinking it odd for me to attend such a class since I style not only my own but other ladies hair on a regular basis.  Well, my thoughts are you can never stop learning and you can never know enough.  Especially when the special invitation came from the most loveliest Angel herself to spend the day in great company, doing what I love most, whilst sipping champagne at their gorgeous head quarters.  Which of you lovely ladies can tell me you would turn that down?  I didn't think so!

I started the morning without styling my hair, just a simple headscarf as of course we will be doing that at the class.  As Vintage Patisserie is based in Hackney I didn't have far to go at all; 10 minutes on the bus.  Perfect for morning starts.  On arrival I bumped into Bettina Scarlet outside.  There was no mistaking with her current head of lilac.  Once inside we were greeted with warmth by Angel who showed us up to the academy where Amanda of L&C's was setting up.  It has been a while since I last saw both these talented ladies so we all had a little catch-up as more gorgeous attendees arrived.  One of these lovely ladies included Rosie of I'll Be Darned whom I coincidentally contacted a few days before inquiring about her services.  The vintage scene is a small world indeed.

We all settled down with our tea in china cup in hand and the class begun.  First lesson was pin curling with tongs.  Now I have actually only done this a few times before and never on myself.  I'm more of a sleep in your rollers kinda gal so this was very useful to me.  We paired up; myself with Rosie and we pinned each others hair.  I definitely learnt something new here with the tonging technique and when we did let the pin-curls out my set was surprisingly well held-in.

Whilst we waited for our pin-curls to set we watched some hair demonstrations from Amanda...

And then it was time for the all important brushing out on us ladies!

Luncheon was had whilst all this fun was going on.  It was like a lovely scene of a gathering of ladies all chattering and discussing hair and other such pretty things.  We went on to try the various styles Amanda demonstrated on our own sets as well as trying out styles we had always wanted to do with Amanda's professional guidance on hand.  Mine was the "Betty Grable" do which I always thought looked rather difficult; especially with as much hair as I have.  Tips and tricks were handed out which made everything seem so easy after all.

Rosie's do


Some major back-combing was going on which turned into the smoothest of all up-dos.

After all this effort we took a little champagne break before Amanda kicked into the Make-Up masterclass.  Unfortunately I had to nip off early to go to work.  I already took a half day so couldn't very well be late too.

I have to say I had the most fabulous fun day in the company of lovely ladies and the best hosts in town.  I was happily surprised by how much tricks and tips I gained from the day.  I would highly recommend attending this class for those who are new to vintage styling to those who are already skilled in this area.  I most definitely went away with information I never had before.  You can find out more about the academy here where you can also book onto the course.  Go forth, take a look and most of all, go and spoil yourself for the day!

Of course whilst there I couldn't resist but have a sneak peek at Angels new book The Vintage Tea Party Year which is out now!  You can find me in there on page... Well, you will just have to pick it up and have a look for yourself ;)

Speaking of said book, next week is the book launch and I am yet undecided on what to wear?!  Much anticipation and excitement though as it surely will be the best party held by the most glamorous hostess of all!

I will be back posting with all the gossip and photographs plus did I mention I went along to this years London Tattoo Convention at the weekend?  Well, I have a new tattoo to show you all.  You will have to wait for that post!

Take care,
Alison xxx