Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ending Summer on a "High"

It sure feels like the end of summer now.  If ever there was even one in Blighty.  This here is the third and final installment of my posts on High Rockabilly.  It will be photo heavy!

Essentials of the weekend - HR Dollars & Wristband
I still have 4 dollars laying around... Wonder if I can use them somewhere ;) 

Travelling in style with the ladies!

Malin obviously could not decide what to wear; so she brought the lot!

Straight out to the pre-party on landing night!

Enjoy some Coco-Loco!

At Boro Bora Tiki bar

Malin and Sandra - after I took this I stood up and sat right back down.
I was swiftly walked back to the hotel *hiccup* 

Next mornings beach time which was lovely!
I actually only visited the beach once whilst the guys went a few times.
Not really my kinda thing to laze on the beach as I don't sunbath.

The said sunbathers, as I shaded under a parasol :P 

Impressive sand "castles"

Back to the hotel for the first Pool Party!

How amazing are they?! Loved.

The sun was doing funny things to us all!


First evening at the venue - priorities; shopping!

Mojitos all round!

Resting those dancing feet :D 

Missy Malone

We Three Girls!

It all happens again - Second day Pool Party

Marea showing us what she's made of.

The Parasol said to the Fan...

True Love

Indian for dinner that evening. It was yummy delicious!

Someone's hungry...

Sharon and Magnus had a spin on the dance floor

More music...

The 2 dollar(euro) bus

Hillbilly BBQ time next morning!

Look at those happy faces :D 

Japanese rockabilly by the pool anyone?

Have a listen...


Last morning of the Pool Parties which ran alongside the flea market :( 
For some reason I have no pics of the actual flea but it was bustling! 

View from M&M's balcony

Last night out on the town, so to speak!

 Last Tiki bar visit... more cocktails!

Last car standing.

That was basically it.  My first trip to Calafell for High Rockabilly.  To sum it up?  It was a great holiday/festival rolled into one.  Would I go again?  Hell Yeah!  Maybe I will see more familiar faces next year and meet more new faces too.  The only disappointment...?  No cuties!  Not sure how that was even possible but it was.  Lots of nice hair though.

When I receive my photo shoot images I shall post them for you all to see.  I am rather excited as it was a lot of fun and the scenery was amazing.  Damn it was hot though shooting in that weather!

Next up... The London Tattoo Convention for me this Sunday.  Fingers X I can actually get tattooed by Paul or Matt of Spider Murphys!  I have one in mind for them but if that fails I have others I can get someone else to do too.  Will let you know how I get on :D

Tara for now, but not for long.
Alison xxx

Ps. I received my replacement earring from Bow and Crossbones.  I'm a happy girl.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Un-Dressing Parlour

Hello everyone!

How are you all on what has turned out to be a lovely(sunny) morning so far?  This is just an in-between post to tell you about something new I have set up.  I have become increasingly obsessed with looking through Tumblr of late.  Not that I don't already save and search for endless images anyway.  But so much so it only made sense for me to start my own.  I don't think I have time to write two blogs and Tumblr is ideal in many ways.  My initial thoughts were to blog about Mens style/fashion as I work with them nearly everyday.  A well dressed dapper gent turns my head more so than a lady ever does.  This is partly because it seems to be a rare occasion and you have to take it in when you get the chance.  It's almost like fresh unpolluted air.

However when signing up to Tumblr that idea all changed.  I thought to myself, what am I obsessed with more than most things (apart from shoes)?  Lingerie and tattoos of course!

So from there on The Un-Dressing Parlour was born...

How do you like the name?!  I thought it very fitting to call it that.  It is only in the beginning stages but with most things I'd love for it to fruit!
I hope you can come and join me there.  Please link me to all your wonderful postings too :D

I'm off now to celebrate my sisters birthday.  Have a lovely weekend one and all!

Alison xxx

Ps. Does anyone know how to create a button for Tumblr to put onto here please?  I can't see anything in the help section.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My High Rock-A-Billy Style


Carrying on from my last post on High Rockabilly I thought I would do a separate one of my wardrobe.  These seem to be my most popular write-ups along with my photo shoot posts and it did take me quite a while to pull my outfits together.  Don't you just hate not having your full wardrobe on access when you need it the most?!

Here is a list of my entire luggage... 5 Dresses, 2 Two-Piece sets, 7 Tops, 3 Skirts, 6 Shorts/Pants, 2 Playsuits, 17 pieces of Lingerie, 4 sets of Bikinis, 7 Handbags, 6 pairs of Shoes, 5 Head Scarves, 2 Sarongs, 2 Fans, a Belt, lots of Hair Flowers & Accessories, Tongs & Rollers, 3 pairs of Sunnies, some Jewellery, a Parasol and heaps of Cosmetics/Products!

This happily came in under my luggage weight allowance.  I was pretty pleased with what I had achieved.  There wasn't too much I didn't use and I needed the choice!  Unfortunately I didn't photograph all my outfits so there are a few missing but there are still plenty here to show you.

Wednesday - Day of arrival

A quick freshen up and change of outfit after landing for our first night out.
Simple wife beater and high-waisted denim shorts with my tiki wedges.

Thursday - First Day of the Festival!

No capture of my beachwear but here I am for the pool party.
This two-piece is another of my tailor made outfits. Nice and bright!

In the evening I wore my Vivian of Holloway favourite blue Hawaiian sarong dress.
This was teamed with my Miss L Fire clear lucite handbag.

I wore a lovely up-do for this outfit.
You can't quite see the two rolls at the front here.

Friday - Day of Photo shoot

In the morning I went off to do a photo shoot by the beach.
Later for the pool party I dressed-down. It was so so hot and I was a bit tired!
One of my all-time favourite tops from Mode Merr.

Parasol became pool parties best friend...

In the evening we went out for an Indian meal before partying.
I wore my bespoke Leopard print Cheongsam dress.

Saturday - Hillbilly BBQ

Attending the Hillbilly BBQ in some leopard print hotpants and an off-shoulder top.
The party was by the pool but I'd feel odd eating a BBQ in my bikini!
This chair was surely designed for pin-up posing no?

My poolside attire - half bikini, half hot pants since I don't actually swim.
I managed to wear two of the bikini tops with shorts. Not bad.

(Apologies for the bathroom pic) I didn't get a full outfit shot by the pool.
There were definitely some mixed reactions to my hot pants.
Not sure why as we were by the pool. Haha.

In the evening I broke out one of my favourite pieces of vintage.
You may recognise this dress from my feature in a certain book ;) 
Teamed with my "new" handbag purchased at Old Style Weekend.

Sunday - Flea Market Day and the Last Day :( 
I don't seem to have any photos of my daytime outfit again.  It was the cutest little vintage top and circle skirt.  My apologies... but I do have the evening outfit!

One of my favourite made to measure two-piece outfits from a vintage pattern.
This is the second time I have worn it out and the crazy amount of compliments I get!

With my Vivienne/Melissa mules & newly purchased handbag from the flea earlier.

I really liked my hair that evening.
Veronica Lake style waves pinned to one side.

I hope you enjoyed my outfits for High Rockabilly.  Some of which you may recognise if you are a regular reader of my blog.  Going on two summer vacations this year has meant less clothes shopping for me.  Although pretty much everything is new-ish (if not new) having only worn them once or twice before.  Thank goodness I have a general addiction to shopping!  There are quite a few outfits missing from my trip, but mostly daytime ones.  I am quite excited to hopefully see some photos from the shoot I did soon.  I shall of course make a post on them.

I want to say a big hi to everyone I met.  It was lovely to meet those of you who read my blog also.  I thought that was really fun!  I will be back with an overview of High Rockabilly next time.  For now, I am thinking about Thursday when I shall be making a visit to The Vintage Patisserie head quarters!

Much love,
Alison xxx