Sunday, 29 May 2011

Summer Lovin'

I cannot begin to express how excited I am about this summer :D

First off, I have another tattoo appointment very very soon.  Let's say it's a little birthday present to myself.  I won't tell you what I am getting, this I will leave as a surprise.  I will tell you that it will be on my ribs/waist area and again, it will be tattooed by the amazing Valerie Vargas at Frith Street Tattoo.  You might have heard of her ;)  It won't be as showy as my last piece because of where it will be.  But then again, I do show my mid-drift quite a lot!  In a discreet kinda way.

This was taken straight after my arm was finished which took around
six hours over two sessions.  It was worth every needle prick!

I wanted something that had somewhat a boudoir feel, I had pictured a 1940s style wallpaper perhaps.  I thought long and hard on the idea to make sure the look was perfect.  You see, because I like fleeting between looks of the 1920s style through to 40s glamour and 50s rockabilly pin-up I wanted my design to reflect and compliment all of these looks.  I love the contrast of soft femininity with the idea of having a half sleeve which is quite bold.  I recently wore a cute navy polka dot blouse with capped sleeves and it was the exact look I was going for.  The 40s mini polka dots with the tattoo next to one another.

I went to Valerie with a vintage perfume bottle, some roses, pearls and feather plumes.  With all that in mind she drew my tattoo for me.  We made some quick changes on the day and I absolutely love it.  So much so, I wish to repeat the feather plumes for a future design sometime later.  Something even bigger!  My new tattoo will be revealed soon :)

Now, onto the other things I am excited about??

The Chap Olympiad organised by The Chap magazine peeps.

This is 'Sports Day' for the eccentric.  Full of old-fashioned activities and entertainment for all to enjoy whether you are competing or not.  2011 will be my third attendance at The Olympiad, having wanted to attend but could never before than.  If I remember rightly, it has been going for around five or six years now.

Other event news.
I shall also be attending not One, but Two Hot Rod/Rockabilly weekenders this summer.  This will also be on weekends back to back so I shall be squeezing all the fun-ness together!  Like one giant Hot Rod Rockin' Fairground ride :P

The First Weekender will be very close to home...

This will be their 7th year.  It's such a shame I didn't discover it earlier as I was living where I am now last summer too.  I will just have to make up for lost time.  The best thing about it being so close to home... no tents involved.  All the fun but with home comforts and glamour intact.  There will be Drag Races, Vintage Stalls, Burlesque and lots and lots of Music.  Exactly what I like!

The Second Weekender... not so close to home.  Abroad in fact.

This is their 16th year and still going strong.  I shall be going with Malin and Magnus and will hopefully be seeing some familiar faces too from my visit back in March.

What more can I say but Shake, Rattle 'n' Roll!!

This may sound silly but I am already thinking about what to wear.  Well, I am trying to plan for my summer wardrobe ahead.  I'm simply killing two birds with one stone as they say.  I will be bringing to you photographic evidence as I snap.  If anyone reading happens to be attending these events, do come and say a Hi.  I would love to have a natter :)

These are the main occupants of my summer days.  That is apart from plans for my birthday which are still in the making.  What exciting things is everyone getting up to? xxx

Friday, 20 May 2011

Too Much Cake?

I was having a little think about my posts recently and I haven't really been posting any of my work have I?

I decided I should put up this cheeky little set by Sabine T.
This is all because I feel like I have eaten a little too much cake lately!  I should probably take a leave out of my own book... or photos ;)

Double Trouble!

These were taken when I had my loving red hair which I miss dearly.  Especially when I see other lovely ladies with red hair.  I get serious envy!

I hope you like the running theme as much as I enjoyed the role play.
Tea and Cake anyone? xx

*All Styling, Hair, Make-Up and Posing by yours truely*

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Simply Splashing!

Hello!  Another glorious day here in Surrey.  It seems the weather just keeps getting better by the week here in Old Blighty!  I'm sure everyones spirits are up and thinking about their summer holidays to come.  I shall be visiting Sweden again in August but no doubt I will try to fit another holiday in the coming months somewhere.  Definitely some day trips in and around the UK Countrysides and Seaside Towns.  Lovely!

To get me and you all in the mood for things to come I have been looking at some Vintage inspired bathing suits.  You don't want to leave it to the last minute do you.  You never know who might sweep you off your feet for a romantic get away!

Carmen Leopard Swimsuit by Diane Von Furstenberg at Selfridges&Co - £279

Bettie Old Gold Bathing Suit - $149 AUD and Grace Two Piece Bikini - $99 AUD
by Miss Fancypants, also on Etsy
Why only wear Bathing Suits on the beach when they look this good :D

Dora Floral Tankini - £73 and Contrast Button & Trim Swimsuit - £63

Retro Plaid Bikini - £35 and Floral Bouquet Bikini - £32
both by Urban Outfitters

Sunspot Amie Swimsuit by Cath Kidston - £45
I love the colour of burnt orange all year round.  This photo reminds me of Sophia Loren.

Perfect to show killer curves and a wiggle!

Pop of Dots Bikini Set - £126 and Floral Rush Bikini Set - £176
both by Anthropologie
Sweet and innocent.

Ditsy Floral Ruffle Bikini Set - £196
Marc by Marc Jacobs at Asos

Natalie One-Piece by Anthropologie - £118
A Classic Pin-Up; it won't fail you.

Classic Swimsuit - £69.50 and Black Tie Bikini Set - £75
both by What Katie Did
You wiggle to the left, you wiggle to the right.

Lace Print Swim Dress by Juicy Couture at Asos - £155

If you are after the real deal true Vintage Bathing Suits,
have a look at the range at Glamoursurf!

Don't forget to cover up too.  Parasols at the ready ladies.
Happy Splashing! xx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Little Delights - part deux

How are you all on this lovely warm May Day?  I'm just whiling away listening to music and writing this post.  Will be walking the doggies later on.

I promised a non-vintage collection following my Little Delights post and here it is in all it's splendor!  I hope you like what I have picked out for you :)

Bow Back Knickers by Ophelia Fancy - £87
I think this is just so lovely!

Diamanda Long Slip by Agent Provocateur - £495
If only I could wear this every evening to bed!

1940s Style French Knickers and Maitresse Bullet Bra - £29.50 ea
both by What Katie Did
My favourite of all Faux Vintage Lingerie brands.

Boudoir Grace set by Asos - £31

Some Lovely Pick 'n' Mix collection of Panties by Playful Promises £10-£15
I have a range of these myself and I can definitely vouch for them!
How cute are the packaging.  I've got a few of those round tins on my shelf.

Bridal Teddy by Fred & Ginger - £170

Roxy Fringed Knicker by Lascivious - £55
Rose Teddy Slip by Stephanie Loungewear - £185

Liberty Print Bloomers by Dailee Dose - $58
I would probably wear these out and about in the summer it's so hot.

We were born to wear these gorgeousness.  I heart Lingerie forever!! xx

PS. here's a little photo of what I saw when I walked the doggies earlier. Lovely Spring!