Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I don't even drive!

I was having a little conversation recently and well... I was recommended a Vintage Motor and a lovely one it was too!
A Mercury 1949 Custom

Here's a fact for you all -
In 1990, Mattel Hot Wheels created a model of 1949 Mercury with a chopped roof. It is called "Purple Passion". Purple Passion is one of most wanted and priciest Hot Wheels to ever be cast.  My little brother has Hot Wheels but he probably doesn't have this model though.

The 49 Mercury was also the car that James Dean drove in 'Rebel Without a Cause'.
Imagine it... James and I behind the wheels...

Have a look at this site if you like hot rods and vintage motors.  I liked looking through it even though I really have no idea about the ins and outs of motoring!

Kustomrama is a Wikipedia dedicated to traditional hot rods and kustom cars. It is an online encyclopedia covering all aspects of our kulture. Everyone is welcome to contribute and start new and interesting topics on the Kustomrama Wikipedia. Write about yourself, your company, your car, your favorite kustom or your all time automotive hero. All entries are welcome as long as they somehow relates to traditional Rods & Kustoms.

Some more lovely Vintage Advertisements
I have found myself a lovely model on eBay.  It sure is a beauty!  It does however need some work.  The Ad says it's a 49 but maybe it's a 50 or 51?  What do you think?

I should probably learn to drive first otherwise it would be such a waste!

Here are a few more Ads from the next couple of models down the years!
1950 and 1951


I love Vintage Ads of all kinds but motor ones are definitely one of the highlights.
This really makes me want to learn to drive... or at least have someone who could drive me around!  I always imagined myself with the top down, sporting a head scarf with some sunnies on and bright red lips.
I'm hoping to see a real life Mercury 1949 Custom for myself in the summer.  Maybe if I'm really really good I will be allowed behind the wheels.
Just for a photo-op mind ;)

A post inspired by my conversation partner and I have learnt something new from it.
Who would have thought I would be so enthusiastic about motors!? xx

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