Monday, 31 January 2011

Make like Carmen Miranda...

Hello all!
So yesterday I was having a little browse around the shops when my sister pointed out to me some lovely light displays - we were in Debenhams.  They were adorable and if they worked in our home we would definitely have some.  I can imagine the cascade of mini pineapple lights as a centre piece to a set stairs.  Unfortunately they are not for sale.  They looked to be a DIY job by their Visual team as we later saw the pineapple tops used as mannequin heads, hehe!

It reminded me just how popular pineapples were back in the good ol' days.  I went on a little search.

This is a 1940s Murano Art Glass table lamp
A Pitcher - although I have no idea how old this
one may be as the designs date back to the 1870s.
A stack of 1940s Vintage Bakelite Bangles with carvings of pineapples
A Belt Buckle and a 1950s Rhinestone Brooch
Pineapple Advertisements through the decades - 1931, 1946 and below 1955
Some giant versions...
left: A Pineapple Fountain in Charleston's Waterfront Park, South Carolina
right: The Big Pineapple - a pineapple plantation in Queensland, Australia dated 1971 at 16m high.
Some lovely vintage Fruit Picks and who could forget the 70s favourite, Cheese on sticks!

I hope I haven't pineappled you out.  This is a bit of a weird post but I've had so much fun looking at all the inspirations and designs.  Maybe we could all fit a little pineapple in our lives - big or small!x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Not another pair...!!

Indeed that is exactly what you will hear my sister shouting but yes, another pair if I have my way!

I was craving some yummy looking Swedish Hasbeens during winter but it wasn't the weather for it.  Snow + Clogs = Skates no doubt.  Plus you really shouldn't wear them in the rain as they are shoes to love and last and not just for Christmas.

Now that with Spring looming and Summer not too far a distance I can really see myself in a little pair of their sandals.  The problem is at £150-£200 a pair I really have to choose wisely.  Luckily most of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection will not be launched for a couple of weeks yet and may not even hit the UK shops for a few more after.

Here's what I am up against!
This would be the perfect compliment to any 40s/50s summer dress.  A Pin-Up you will be!

A circle skirt or a pair of high-waisted short shorts anyone?

Afternoon Tea dance and some more dancing for afters, yum yum

These are just a few of my favourites.  But don't just take my word for it.  Pop over to their site and see the array of beautiful colours on offer and become a Facebook fan to find out the latest news.  If you were to follow a brand, what better a brand.  All their products are hand-crafted using natural materials with the same methods as in the 70s.  You can apparently bury them in your back garden, but mine will definitely be staying on my tootsies.

Don't forget to swing by to their bag collection on your way out.  They're not a one trick pony!

Hooray for shoes! x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Ooh I am pleased!
Mad Men's Janie Bryant has been nominated for the Costume Designers Guild Award for the third year running in the category of Outstanding Period-Fantasy Television Series.  She has won the last two so fingers cross.  All will be revealed on the 22nd February. x

The Art of Swan

I had some lovely plans with my friends on the Sunday gone which involved a visit to la cinema and a dinner in the evening.  I do love The Curzon Cinemas for their choice of showings, events and Q&As.  We had decided on The Kings Speech as I had already seen the wonderful Black Swan.  I have to say I was not at all disappointed!  It was captured beautifully, the main actors were fantastic, it was witty which was unexpected and heart warming in the right places.  Although my posts subject may not be directed at The Kings Speech, I would highly recommend it!

Stepping back to the Saturday...  Upon purchasing our cinema tickets online I noticed a piece of artwork on the site displaying the cover of their current issue of the Curzon Magazine.  It was a cover dedicated to Black Swan and it had really caught my eye.  I made sure I would pick up a copy on my visit on Sunday.  I was even more curious to find out where this work of art had originated from.  It was work that I had not encountered in London used to promote Black Swan.

Back on the Curzon site I went.  It would seem the Curzon Soho are currently holding an exclusive exhibition with behind the scenes photography and art work inspired by Black Swan for the month of January.  Now this I must pop along to tomorrow before it finishes.  There was also a competition - Become the Black Swan.  Sadly you will have missed it if you are reading this as the winner is being announced today.  What fun it would have been!

Some more digging reveals... La Boca the design agency based in Portobello, London are behind this splendid artwork!  And to my delight the work that originally caught my eye is in fact one of a set of four designs.  All of which are as captivating as the next I hope you will agree.

They really speak to me and ignite the feeling and atmosphere I felt when I was watching the film.  The use of red, black and cream evokes the darkness of Nina becoming the black swan but also the delicate and fragile state of ones mind.  They have a very Art Deco feel which I enjoy so much.  I am hoping to pick up a postcard on my visit to the exhibition.  If all else fails, I have the option to purchase some non-postcard merchandise on the official site of Black Swan.  I do fancy the black tote if anyone is asking :p

Here is to hoping all film posters are as inspiring as this!
Alison x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Here goes my first post!

I have been meaning to set up my blog for some time now and I thought to myself there was no better time then the present. I am proud to say that my styling work is currently on display as part of Jaana Viitakangas photography exhibition at the fashion/lifestyle store Urban Outfitters, situated within the hassle and bustle of Covent Garden. Jaana is a very talented photographer whom I have had the pleasure to work with on numerous occasions. We first met through our mutual friend Kate when we had a lock in at Positively 4th St, a lovely deco style bar where Kate works. Since then we have worked on a number of projects together with Jaana as the photographer and myself as the stylist and art director. She has fast become a good friend through our mutual appreciation of the arts and our admiration of each others style and hard work.
If you get a chance please do swing by to have a look at our work and Jaana's website.

Until next time,
Alison x