Thursday, 25 August 2011

A-Bombers 16th Old Style Weekend... I miss you already!

You know when you are camping and sleeping in a tent and all you wish is that it doesn't rain during your stay?  Well... you know you also (me anyway) for some strange reason feel very safe when snuggled in your sleeping bag in your tent? This is definitely a good thing when sure enough the heavens opens up, and I mean really opens up on you on your last mornings camping.  The thud of every heavy raindrop hitting the roof of your tent and sliding its way down the (fingers X) waterproof material back to earth could be heard clearly for around three hours that morning.  It was beautiful and sad at the very same time.  Sad to leave all the fun behind, and beautiful for the time we have enjoyed together.  The downpour included, which cleared up nicely enough for me to venture out of my tent with wellingtons firmly on.

Half a cinnamon roll, some chocolate milk and a little packing up later we all headed up to the main site to grab a much needed coffee.  Or in my case a can of coke cola which was the best I'd ever tasted... or rather much needed maybe.

A sad looking empty dance/band tent.

The spaces where once Hot Rods and Hot Cars sat.
The place where Hot Guys and even Hotter Gals hung out ;)

The aftermath that was.

We sat and drunk and laughed at what was a wonderful weekend, with friends old and new.  We laughed even louder as we looked over the photographs captured from the last three days.  It was all last goodbyes and final packing up time as some of us headed our separate ways.


Funny that this should be my last photograph at The OSW site when it is the welcome sign that everyone sees first.

I already listen to JD McPherson a lot but now with added bonus that it will remind me of my very first OSW as they seem to also love him too!

To sum up my first visit to The A-Bombers Old Style Weekend...
Where have I been the last 16 years??

Of course I have not always been into this lifestyle, let alone thinking that one day I would be into motors.  Plus sixteen years is over half of my lifetime.  Still, I am happy to be growing up and moving in this direction where life seems so wonderful and glamorous even if it does only last for a long weekend at a time.  It's nice to be able to like different things and to know people who all like different things.  But nothing beats hanging out with your friends, meeting others along the way who love exactly the same things and appreciating it together!

I discovered these yummy cookies on my last visit and the lovely Malin had a big box of them waiting for me at her home sweet home.  A gorgeous goodness of oats partially dipped in chocolate when combined with a cuppa Earl Gray tea is heaven!

 Malin and I at the warehouse Flea Markets on my last day.
Notice I'm sporting my Hotrod Hayride tee.

Here's a few of my purchases...

An original 50s wall coat hook/hanger

Another wonderful 7" record rack

A trio of Owls for my sister

Leaving Göteborg and it's powder blue and pink sky behind :(

I did also purchase the most gorgeous two piece original 1940s matching blouse and skirt which I would like to show you when I wear it out and about at some point.  It's too good to photograph just on a hanger.  You will see that the outfit fits as if it was made for me.  Perfect!

Silly me was having so much fun I forgot to buy myself an OSW t-shirt to remember my visit by.  I tried to email them but haven't had a response yet.  If anyone reading this can help me get one I would much appreciate it!

I leave you with this.
A little fun... a montage of my favourite pics at OSW in a heart shape.

Toodles for now... Alison xx


Salsa Von Leopard said...

Looks like much fun. i wanna see the little piccies bigger tho:( Forgive me but does this take place in Sweden? I wish there were more things like that in the UK.

The Dressing Parlour said...

You should be able to click on the images to view them larger. This was indeed in Sweden. I love it there! Although I did attend a Hot Rod Festival the weekend before OSW in Surrey which I also wrote about. There are a few around the UK but definitely more in Europe. I wish I could attend more. They were so much fun. Made my summer :D x