Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hot Roddin' - The 7th Hayride (Sat & Sun)

I got up bright and early-ish for the second day of The Hayride which I was super excited about.  It was the day of the Detonator Drag Race at Dunsfold Park!!  Dunsfold Park is steeped in history, a place where work took place protected by the Official Secrets Act.  Between 1942 and 1945 a variety of aircraft operated from Dunsfold, including B-25 Mitchell Bombers, Typhoons, Mustangs, Mosquitoes and Spitfires.  It all sounds very exciting and you can find out more over at their website.  It's also a place worth visiting as they have a lot of events.  Plus they also film the Top Gear shows there and Dunsfold has been featured in Bond movies and other Hollywood blockbusters too.  I'm sure going to visit again and The Pavilion which is a shooting range at some point in the near future!

I spent the morning doing my hair, make-up and choosing something to wear.  It was a pretty hot day, and what did I do but go and choose to wear black, hehe.  I actually don't have a photo of my outfit but lots of other people were taking photos of me so maybe I will have one sent to me at some point.  I had a lot of requests for photos over the course of the three days which was nice :)  Some from photographers and some from just people attending the festival.

Here I am wearing my favourite pair of vintage Pin-Up mules by Bally.
They are very Sandra Dee, plus they give me a great wiggle!

Day Two

Some shots from the Dunsfold Drag visit...

A different kind of take-off here... and a noisy one indeed!

The drive between The Pavilion and Dunsfold Park was probably a little too far apart.  Luckily my sis was around to give us a lift as I don't drive and was thinking of just catching a taxi or grabbing a lift with someone.  Maybe they should re-think that one over even though both sites are very good for what it's for.  Although driving there and back with all the lovely cars was fab to watch.

After freshening up we went to catch The Wall of Death back on site.

We were entertained whilst we waited out in the sun to go in for their performance.

And the show begins...

After the shock that is The Demon Drome Wall of Death we had to grab a drink and took another tour around the site.  There were some more cars arriving today and I needed to capture those.  Oh and Jaana and I did some posing too but I don't have the ones of me as she took those and I took the ones of her.  Lucky Jaana... haha!

The Circus Freak Shows which we missed :(

After more drinking the evenings entertainment began.  The line-up for our Saturday night was -

Lucky Phil - Rusti Steer & the Star Tones - Mouse - The Slapbacks - Mouse - Deke Dickerson & the Ecco Fonics - Little Carl with Anna Fur Laxis as the finale once again!

We drank, danced, drank and danced some more until it was time to leave the site, tottling along in my heels.

Day Three

We only managed to go to bed at around 4-5am the night before so we didn't get up to go to the Flea Market & Autojumble.  We did of course get there just in time for The Soapbox Derby.  This was just a little fun and giggle, perfect for a hungover Sunday afternoon in the sun.  In fact it was so hot we immediately afterwards bought an ice-pop and sat in the shade.

Sorry about the rubbish shot, I couldn't really see much myself :(

I did catch this later on which I thought was cute.

I also liked the up-right bass sitting on top of this car.

This was pretty much the end of The 7th Hot Rod Hayride.  We strolled around some more on the now half empty site with some friends we met along the way.  Taking in what it was and thinking that maybe I could possibly hold a stall here next year.  That would be fun right!?  I had fun indeed, especially with all the dancing we did.  We had a lovely barbecue waiting for us at home so we headed back taking the canal route.

I leave this post with my hairstyle of the last day of The Hayride.  I'm not being serious by the way but there was sun in my eye.  Up next is The A-Bombers Old Style Weekend in Sweden.  Toodles!


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