Thursday, 17 April 2014

Puttin' on the Glitz

Gosh, I tried my darn-dist I really did but I never quite managed to continue blogging as I had intended to this last year.  Well, let us start again here shall we...?

Hello All!  Lady of the Parlour/Miss Cherrylicious/Alison here.  How do you do?  Pleased to make your acquaintance... Again.  There has been so much happening in my life, so many events attended, so many people I've met, so many shopping trips.  So much clothing to show you... And all the new shooooes!

Before I do an outfit/shopping/wardrobe post I wanted to write about a recent event I attended at The British Library.  Puttin' on the Glitz - Fashion & Film in the Jazz Age hosted as part of their Spring Festival at the library saw the amazingly fabulous Amber Jane Butchart and Christopher Laverty grace the stage to speak to us about the wonders that was the Jazz Age.  For afters there was a Cocktail Party hosted by the lovely ladies of The Vintage Mafia.  And what a party it was; with live music from the one and only Alex Mendham and his Orchestra.  Such a treat!

Well I say we start with an event post but what's an event post without my event outfit!?
Here's a quick look at my hair and dressage for the evening...

Hair - the higher the better!
It is hard to tell here as my hair is in a net but the length is actually down to my waist.
But isn't it great to have the option to make ones hair appear shorter?

This is probably the best photo of my outfit captured outside the cocktail party venue.
© Luca Sage 

I never like to read too much into any talk if I already know I will be attending as I hate to spoil things for myself by knowing too much.  The lovely Christopher whom I had not had the pleasure of coming across before this event was a wonderful speaker.  Such passion and so very engaging.  I could have listened to him talk all night about men' fashions!  It also happened to be an more interesting talk (for myself) as Christopher based his talk on the costumes of the characters from The Boardwalk Empire series ( a personal favourite; which I am very behind on) due to their historically correct costuming.  Some rather interesting facts that Christopher pointed out was the alignment of ones suiting pattern... which I'm sure everyone was subsequently noticing for the rest of the evening; along with myself.  The wondrous array of colours that were actually worn by the men of the Jazz Age.  Those dandies and gangsters knew how to dress alright!  Such inspiration to the modern world which is usually hidden behind the black and white films and photography that we see around.

I first discovered Amber in my early years in London when I would be out on the town night after night.  Spotting Amber as part of her DJ duo The Broken Hearts whom can be seen at the most fashionable events around!  Amber spoke of the fashions from the silent movie eras through to when the talkies took over.  How Hollywood and Paris fought it out for top spot as fashion leaders to the world.  And surprisingly how movie stars would bring in their own wardrobe as costumes for the films they were stars of!

I am highly anticipating Amber's new project which she is currently working on entitled Nautical Chic due for publish in 2015.  In the meantime her current book Fashion Miscellany is on my to-buy list.

On to the Vintage Mafia hosted Cocktail Party...

It was rather busy as you can imagine whilst trying to capture a shot of Alex and his band.
Everyone was having a whale of a time Charleston-ing it out to the sounds! 
Photo-booth present - Outtakes not ;) 
My own version - Wanted to show you this dreamy car...

As part of the evening the talented Mr Hanson Leatherby had his Vintage Travelling Portrait Studio set up at the cocktail party for guests to have a little souvenir to look back on.  You can have a look through the rest of the shots here.  This below is my still... Hanson making me look good.  I almost feel as if I should autograph it like a Hollywood Starlet!  Almost...

I say, if that was even a slight taster of the Jazz Age parties then take me there.  Sharpish!

Until next time...
Alison xxx

P.S - A little video captured by The Vintage News crew giving you a snippet of the event.  You can also see a lot more photographs taken at the event on their website.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

There's a New Man in My Life

I am super excited to show you all the new addition to my left arm.  I have been quite excitable with the run up to my appointment with the one and only Paul Dobleman.  This guy is AMAZING!  I seriously, seriously mean it.  There has not been one piece of work from him which I have not liked.  So you can imagine how much I wanted to be tattooed by Paul.

I first came across Paul at The London Tattoo Convention two years ago.  When a friend I was there with got tattooed by Matt Howse who works at the same parlour as Paul; Spider Murphy's.  I myself subsequently also got tattooed by Matt last year when he kindly squeezed me in as I didn't get my act together to make an appointment.  They were super busy and I did push him back so I'm super grateful that he did that for me!

Coming home last night all wrapped up.

Here he is.....
He may have a girl in every port but when he's with me he's all mine!

This was Matt's work from last year's London Tattoo Convention

I seem to have a thing about tattooing on the back of my body, aside from my actual back.  First my ankle, then my neck and now my arm!  I'm not sure if I will be attending this years Convention but I'd sure love to go just to even catch this gorgeous lady...

Janet Fischietto - The 30's Circus Burlesque Lady 

Are you going to any Tattoo Conventions this year or have any ink coming up?  I always love discovering new artists.  I have a few more designs in mind on my list to have done at some point but not all of them are assigned to an artist as yet so suggestions are most welcome.

Toodles for now,
Alison xxx

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Roll VT - High Rockabilly 2012


So this was just posted and I had to share it with you all!  Especially since I didn't get to go this year and then I find that they made a promotional video from last year.  It's great as it's like a souvenir to me as it was my first year at High Rockabilly!  I love spotting people I know or who I have met.  You may even find a glimpse of me along the way.

Maybe I will be back there next year but for now the plan is to hopefully go to my first Rockabilly Rave for my birthday next year.  Now that will be exciting!

Alison xxx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

All That Glitters

I may well just be turning more girly by the month...  I'm finding myself in a whirlwind of shimmering glitter with no sight to an end at this precise moment.

It is oh so pretty though...

My latest paint job of Bio Sculpture Gel polish.
It's hard to see in the pic but they are so glittery and look so juicy!
Not sure what this one is called but how about... "There's no place like home"?

More Gel polish. "Prince" - to match the hair.
I'm having slight issues with hair dye transfers so matched up!

Home paint with regular polish of pink glitter with little hints of green flecks.

Oh, just to throw in a pair of shoes too.
Pink glitter jellies with peep-toes and bow!

Do you go for glitter?  I was always a high-shine solid coloured polish kinda girl but it seems times are a-changing.  You've gotta go where the wind takes you.  And if that is in the direction of glitter, so be it.  It's about time something sparkled in my life!

Shine bright like a diamond,
Alison xxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Forest and The Sea

I love a vacation... but then don't we all ;P
A couple of weeks ago I spent a long weekend with my family and the doggies at a luxury cabin out in the forest wilderness.  To Blackwood Forest we headed!

It was a nice little place to head out to.  Within the UK and not too far; plus we wanted somewhere to take the doggies with us.  We were able to drive to all the little towns and villages nearby, including the seaside!  It's so strange to have days of barely any reception on your mobile.  How do people get in contact with each other??  I've turned into such a social media type.

You have to take a photo of the vintage beach huts!

Perfect footwear for the hard to walk on sandy beaches...

Day one was all about going to the beach, the doggies loved frolicking around in the sea.  But oh what a mess they were with all the sand!  Later we had some local grub at the pub which was super yummy.  The rest of the long weekend was full of flea markets and general looking around in the nice sunshine.

Giant fishes in the stream - you can just about make out the shapes here.

Came across this amazing wallpaper in a house that someone had opened up for the day as part of the days event to set up stall. Ingenious! 

Look how happy my Dottie looks :D 

The event even provided a vintage bus ride to and from the nearest car park.

My brother, sis and her husband with the doggies.
We were at the Cockleman stall for some yummy seafood. 

Loved those glasses but I have to hold off until I have my own place as I have no where to put anything.  It's all in storage at my sisters house.

My sis and the doggies hanging out by the hot-tub which I didn't per-use.

As I was trying really hard not to buy anything for the reason mentioned above I only came away with one item.  And it was a good choice as I will be using it so it's not stored away and out of sight!

A good sized basket weave box handbag perfect for the summer.

So that was my summer holiday.  A break for some sunny days and fresh air with the family.  No more Sweden or Spain's High Rockabilly for me this year but hopefully next summer I will be attending more events again!

This little cheeky monkey thought she was still on holiday after we got back!

Toodles for now,
Alison xxx

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Live by the Lake - Give Away

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well.  I am rather excited about this post as it involves an amazing giveaway for you all.  Before I went on my vacation I was contacted by the people behind Live by the Lake who asked me whether I would like for my readers to win a pair of tickets to an outdoor showing of Singin' in the Rain?  Well of course I would!

Live by the Lake is a series of summer concerts set in sumptuous surroundings at Kenwood House.  The showing sounds pretty fabulous - the movie will be shown on an open-air big screen accompanied with the score performed live by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra!  That's amazing in itself.  You will be able to bring along your own picnic to enjoy or you can even pre-order one from them ready for the evening.

Here are the details for entering...
  • You have to be a follower of mine :)
  • Unfortunately I have to make this give-away a UK only entrant as the showing is based in London.  If you do not live in London, please make sure you are able to make your own way to and from the venue for the showing on the day.
  • You can enter by leaving me a comment below that you are entering.
  • You can enter a 2nd time by posting about this competition and linking me on either your Twitter or Instagram with @dressingparlour 
  • There will only be one winner chosen at random.
  • The prize - 1 pair of tickets to the show on 30th Aug 2013. No alternatives will be given.
  • Enter the competition by Monday 12th Aug 2013 23:59 GMT.
  • The winner will be announced later on in that week.

If you want to find out more about the various shows or even to pick up some tickets, these are the links to follow -  Facebook: | Twitter: @LiveByTheLake | Website: Live by the Lake

Good luck and I will pick the winner after the competition closes.  I look forward to picking a happy winner out of the hat :D 

Take care,
Alison xxx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shop Swed I Say!

Finally I present to you my goodies transported all the way back from Sweden!
Not a bad collection if I do say so myself.  I didn't even really shop too much this time round.

I absolutely lovelovelove this new old dress!
Cannot wait to wear this come Autumn/Winter.

Two summer numbers ready to wear right now.
All three vintage dresses were purchased at the flea market at Nostalgia Fest.
The lovely lady gave them to me for around £85 together. 

Moomin love! I bought these cookie cutters for my sister.

More cats-eye sunnies... one can never have too many.

Keep smelling sweet with some solid perfume - lychee darlin'
I thought this would be great during this heat and easy to carry around.

Mini Dottie - a little antique pup. She looks pretty old.
I picked her up for less than a pound!

Funny that because I had been searching for a swan planter with no avail.
When you want something, go to a Swedish flea.

From my favourite antique store!

~ Two pairs of beaded clip-on earrings ~
~ Two sets of pearl & diamante hair clips ~
~ A unique pearl studded lucite hairband ~ 

And my delicious straw hat which you have already seen me in at The Chap Olympiad.
This little number was only £2! How can I not love it even more.
Great for adding on accessories of many colours.

Well, that's that for this trip.  Although since coming back to blighty I have managed to acquire many more goodies which I shall make a post of soon.  Unfortunately I will not be making back to Sweden again this summer.  Instead I shall be holidaying with the family with our doggies!  Luxury log cabins and forest wandering ahead!

For now, I will have to love you and leave you as I need to get ready for a launch party.

Take care,
Alison xxx