Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dressing Up

Hello to you all on this bright but rainy day here in Blighty(I actually started writing this in the early evening)!  My spirits are not dampened but my shoes are getting awfully wet.  I thought I would do a little post on getting ready for the recent Wearable Vintage Book launch event since I posted a What to Wear? before hand.  From my options A, B and Or... I finally chose A.  It was rather a coincidence but us ladies all ended up in a combination of Gold and Black.  Gorgeous!

Ok, first off lets have some hair photos.  I slept in my rollers as usual and originally I was thinking of leaving my hair down with flowing waves but thought better of it due to the weather.  I was really pleased with the results and love nothing more than to play with different sets and up-dos.  I seem to create something different each time; partly due to the fact that my hair grows like a monster so never stays the same length for long.  Even if I get the length maintained I end up cutting off my perm which also affects the way my sets and up-dos turn out.  I much rather have fun creating new looks for myself anyway!

Here goes...

My right side was pinned down with three little diamantĂ© & pearl slides pulling my hair into a forward marcel wave against my head. Curls were set down and behind my ear. 

A straight on shot where you can see the shape of the 'do' framing my face.

My left side where there was height from the front waving in and out and then kiss-curled on the end again as on the opposite side.
More curls were also pinned in behind this with the back rolled up and under to create the illusion of shorter hair. More of a faux bob one would say.

And now for the reveal...

Yes, I know this is a terrible self taken iphone photo.  I apologise and will hopefully be able to show you some better ones taken at the event soon.  Maybe someone will have some of the back of the dress as I do love it but didn't take a snap myself.

So what do you think of my event attire?  I certainly felt very glamorous and it helped to perk me up a little since I was feeling down and had a little heart to heart with my friend on the wire just earlier.  I wanted to get it out of my system before getting ready and braving the world.  No point in painting the face just to ruin it straight after.

As I am not so busty the slit down the front was very discreet and much more to my liking.  I had purchased this dress a while back off Ebay from a US based vintage seller.  The sizing is not overly big so I was able to pin it in temporarily down both sides.  The halter collar was a little low so again I pinned it up and in at the back with a lovely onyx brooch.  As for the length, well I just wore really high heels ;)

Black suede heels with gold stars!
What did I tell you about the Black & Gold theme.

I suppose I don't really do many outfit posts but I do enjoy talking through my look from head to toe.  I just need to remember to take more snaps when I am out and about because just describing what I am/was wearing without any pics is not much good to anyone.

It's almost bedtime so I should really get going.  Have a good nights sleep and I guess morning to those seeing this later on. A post about the event coming soon... xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

What to Wear??

Well this weather doesn't help.  It's been going through phases of sun and raining sleet all day.  Having to put into consideration that you may be pelted with little frozen raindrops making your way out into the night whilst maintaining glamorous is more difficult than one thinks.

I have spent the last few hours trying to decide on my outfit for The Vintage Fashion Book Launch tomorrow evening (you still have time to rsvp).  Luckily I had thought ahead and booked myself in for a nail appointment this morning.  Good for two reasons - getting me out of bed early and having it done and out the way!

Juicy Coral to bring some sunshine into our lives!

I have laid in front of me two choices -

Option A: 30s/40s full length black velvet gown with a halter neckline baring the shoulders and a slit/keyhole down the chest area.  Now I love to indulge in glamour but is this too much and too sombre for such an event?

Option B: A gorgeous bespoke 40s two piece top and matching skirt in a lovely hibiscus tiki fabric.  My thoughts are it's too summery.

Or... thinking about it I could go for one of my gold gowns.  Either way I will let my mood decide tomorrow afternoon before I have to leave to go to the venue early to organise things.  Make sure everything is good and pretty!  Right now I have been going through my music for my slot on the decks* (ahem laptop).  As for later on tonight, it's all go with the roller set to ready my hair for it's do tomorrow.  I plan on flowing locks but again this weather is playing havoc with my plans ;)

Maybe see some of you there tomorrow! xxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's Not so Bad to Reach 100...

Actually it's an absolute achievement!  100 years, 100%, top 100... the list goes on ;)

I feel super excited and privileged to say that I now have 100 followers!  Thank you to everyone for reading and looking at my photographs.  Thank you all for being supportive and encouraging me to continue my blog.  I have pushed myself to get involved with a lot more and the more I do the more I believe in myself.  Starting The Dressing Parlour has been a positive move to my life and I could only continue to drive myself to where I want to be.
100 Cans - Andy Warhol

I want to do a little give away for reaching 100 but am not too sure what the prize should be?  Any suggestions are of course welcome.  It will probably be some kind of vintage accessories or maybe one of my flowers that I make?  I will be sure to make a separate post on this so please do leave me a comment below :D

Take care all and thank you again,
Alison xxx

Friday, 13 April 2012

Book Launch for Wearable Vintage Fashion!

Hi All

So all is a-go-go for the book launch next Saturday 21st April!  It would be great to meet some of my fellow bloggers and readers at the launch if you can make it along.  I'm not sure many of my followers are based in London unfortunately but do say hi if you can :)

At the launch there will be performances by Jake Vegas and Tricity Vogue.  The amazing Lipstick & Curls ladies will also be on hand to beautify you all.  Music all night to twist to, cupcakes to keep everyone happy and the drinks will be a-flowing of course.

Wearable Vintage Fashion will also be on sale at a special price on the night sold by our gorgeous usherettes doing their turns.  Oh, there's also a dressing up box just because!

The Brown Derby pub is only 2mins away from Oval tube station so wear your highest heels and your most glamorous dress to make it a night of frivolous fun.  Don't forget to RSVP.

Hope to see you all there! xxx

Ps. go take a little look at the shop run by the girls behind this magnificent book - Second Hand Rose.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

In More Book News

Hi Everyone

I am so sorry but I have been a terrible blogger of late.  What with my sisters wedding and then coming back to work it's just been very busy.  I will post some lovely wedding photos very soon but right now I am down and dirty with organising the book launch for Wearable Vintage Fashion which has finally been released onto the public!  I met up with the book publishers today to confirm the bits and bobs and now it is all go.  There will be lots of fun things happening on the night so be sure to come along if you can.  It will be on Saturday 21st April; so not too long now.  The book shall be on sale for a very special price at the launch.  I will post more info on this very soon :)

The exciting news is I now have a copy of Wearable Vintage Fashion in my hands and I shall give you the tiniest sneak peek although not my page...

On other book news - Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree with a small feature of moi is now available for pre-order at Amazon.  Go on, if only based on the fact that you've seen how wonderful her first book was ;)

This is just a quick one to get me back into the swing of things.  Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about awarding the Liebster Blog Award to my fave bloggers.  I just have to try and whittle them down first.

Until soon xxx