Friday, 30 December 2011

Oh My, its New Years Eve!

This is where I shall be this end of year going into the next!
It should be Rockin'! What are you doing?

It's been some years since I last made a visit to The Boston Arms.  The last time was for the fabulousness that was The 5, 6, 7, 8's gig way back when.  Now... what to wear....?

Have fun whatever you have planned.
Don't forget to kiss at the stroke of midnight!!

See you all next year!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

And that was Christmas!

Hi Everyone!  How was your Christmas'?

I was lucky to have four days off this year(I know!!) and am on my last today so thought I'd put up a wee post.  Mine was the usual affair with my mum and little brother staying over at ours(my sisters).  My Auntie, Uncle and Cousin also came down to London and visited us on Christmas Day.  We all went out to dinner on Boxing Day and then had an unplanned dinner together again the day after that!  It was one big family marathon of food and more food plus pressies too.

My Christmas evening in pictures...

Christmas Cheers!

Santa knows we've been good this year :D
There goes Gruffalo in the background.

Ripping up the wrappers.  Present time!

 Mulled wine and Robins

Our Christmas Dinner...  And Pudding!

Table decorations

The Doggies were zonked out with all the festivities.
New Collars on!

My Boxing night dinner at Inamo...

 Playing around with their special interactive self service menu projected onto the tables.
You could also change your table décor.

Mmm, Pandan Macaroon filled with a white chocolate mousse.

A quick snap of my new lipstick from my dear friend tested out at dinner.
Nars limited edition 'Joyous Red'

Joyous Red is a little more of a natural look for me.  I have always wore a redred.  Even when I was in high school I ended up wearing red after starting out on nude tones.  I did dress up for the holidays but have been rather under the weather and still am unfortunately.  That's the problem with a hectic lifestyle.  The minute you take some rest time your body just lets go.  No outfit pics I'm afraid but I can tell you what I wore.   I wore my much loved 50s style royal blue dress with ruffle collars on Christmas Day and my new Mary Dress in dynamite red from Heyday with some Miss L Fire booties on Boxing Day.  I picked this gorgeous dress up on their discounted half size sale which suited me just fine as they don't usually make them smaller.  It was a win-win situation for moi.

We were well and truly (un)stuffed by the end!

Righto!  NYE still to come!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

I would like to wish you all a
Wonderful Christmas!

Have a Jolly Good Time
and Be Merry!

Our tree this year with Panda a-top!

Our little-uns were in a secret photo shoot this year. We did not suspect a thing.
We received these Christmas cards through the post from our doggy groomer.
Happy Yappy Christmas from Bella & Dottie too!

I leave you with these lovelies!
What's Christmas without Pin Ups?!

Extra kisses for that festive feeling!

Monday, 12 December 2011

My Claim to Fame?

I have just been informed by Mr Toby that our photograph is currently sitting pretty on the front page of The International Analogue Photographic Society's website.  Well I never!  I made a little squeal when I read that, haha.  It's not a big thing I know but I am rather chuffed as I really do love the image and my outfit in that.

Does this count as being a Cover Girl?

That's all really.  Short and sweet. xxx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Still Life with Tobias Key

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of shooting with Tobias Key on his new project for a collection of portraits themed around the vintage scene.  Toby had contacted me via my Model Mayhem profile but I had previously seen his work before and a friend of mine worked with him so I knew I was teaming up with a professional.  He used an amazing vintage model camera, the Toyo 5x4 View and the outcome was beautiful.  It has a wonderful feel to it.  I love the contact sheet Toby sent to me.  The frames are great.

With the nature of the vintage camera I had to stay still whilst the shot was being taken hence the 'Still Life' title.  Not because I am a fruit or that sort ;)

On this shoot I wore my much beloved matching 1940s two piece which I found whilst at The A-Bombers Old Style Weekend in Sweden this summer.  You may have read my post 'A-Bombers16th Old Style Weekend... I miss you already!' about this previously but at the time I didn't want to show you the outfit with it just on a hanger because it just wouldn't do it justice.  It needs a little love with darning and seam recovery but otherwise it fits me like a glove!  The handbag is a vintage find of mine from nearly 8 years ago and it pretty much comes with me to most places.  Where would I be without it?!  For my hair I styled it in a down-turn roll at the front with a single victory roll to the back of that on a side parting.  I pulled the rest of my hair up at the back into a roll for an all over up do.

It was quite nippy on the morning but the mist gave a lovely backdrop to the setting in the woods nearby to my home.  This is my doggy walking trail actually.  On our way over we parked at the playing fields where there was a football game happening.  I must have looked out of place to them, all glammed up in the woods.  I actually nearly got hit by their ball which would not have been a good look!

Toby chose the shot of choice and scanned that in for finishing.  You can see it is much stronger and clearer than that of the contact sheet.

If Toby contacts you for his project I would highly recommend you take up the chance.  For the project itself but also to be shot on this wonderful equipment.  I hope you like the image and my beloved outfit.

Take care until next time, xxx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Publication Number Two - Oh the Excitement!

Hello lovelies!

The last six months or so has been pretty exciting for me. I seem to be up to a lot and am really getting into the swing of things again. I have a little update on the vintage style book which I shall be making an appearance in due out next year. You may have read a post I wrote at the and of August, Back in Front of the Lens - A shoot with Kate with some photographs we shot for the book. This aforementioned book has just been sent to the printers so it's all going ahead as planned. I have also been told by the author that I am featured as page one in the style section. This is awfully exciting but I am also feeling the pressure a bit! What if people don't like what they see?! OMG.

I cannot wait to see the finished result and to show the book to you all too. Another book launch to attend! The glamour of it all... Hehehe. Now I have something to show the grandchildren, as they say.

Until next time. xx

One of my personal Style Icons - Rita Hayworth
I too love a cropped top!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Come Join Me for a Vintage Tea Party!

A date has been set and we are all go!

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
Lady of the Parlour and Bloomie presents to you... A Vintage Tea Party!
Saturday 10th December from 2pm onwards.

I shall be hosting along with the lovely Kate our first Vintage Tea Party at The Brown Derby in Oval, London. This will be our first event at this newly opened bar but not our 'very first' venture into events together.  So if you are local or happen to be in the Big Smoke on this particular day then do pop along for some Fun & Frolics, a little Vintage Shopping, Tea & Cake and Music to tap your feet to.

Sip a cocktail at the bar whilst you enjoy the sounds of the 40s, 50s and 60s. You may even want to do a little jive or twist. Who knows where the night will take you?!  We'll be there from 2pm until late into the night.

This is the start of hopefully many more events to be hosted by us gals. We say the more the merrier, so if you would like to join us in setting up a stall then pop me an email. We would love to have you there either at this or a future event!

This is also your chance to come and pick up a copy of The Domestic Burlesque book by Elsa Quarsell and meet the lady herself.

The Brown Derby is handily located just 2mins from Oval Station. Turn right as you leave the station and we are the second bar along.  The Brown Derby, 336 Kennington Park Road, London, United Kingdom.

Join our Facebook event page here.

Look forward to seeing you there! xxx