Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's the 100 Give-away!

Hello to you all on this wonderfully warm sunny day in Ol' Blighty.  It's enough to put a spring in anyone's step!

So when I reached a 100 followers recently I said I would come up with a suitable prize to do a give-away with.  Well, I thought long and hard to decide on something that would make my readers happy, an item they could use/find useful, worth entering for and is suited to all my readers.  That was some task; but I have finally got my gift.  I have been drumming on and on about this item and of course it now makes perfect sense to give it away.  It fits all the above mentioned specs(I hope) and it's definitely a good-un!

But firstly, let me tell you about or show you the prize... A copy of Wearable Vintage Fashion Book

La Look Book pages - 1950s


 The Style pages - this here featuring Turrrbo Cherry

Here are the details...

  • You have to be a follower of mine :)
  • Unfortunately I have to make this give-away a UK only entrant* - the book is just too heavy (the last time I sent one it cost me £15 and this was only within Europe).  I'm sorry :( 
  • You can enter by leaving me a comment below - a nice one please hehe.
  • You can enter a 2nd time by posting about this competition and linking me onto your own blog - remember to post a separate comment with your link to the post so I can see it.
  • You can enter a 3rd time by posting a link of this onto your facebook page, but remember I can only see it if your page is not private if we are not friends on there - again,  remember to post a separate comment with your link to the post below.
  • There will only be one winner chosen at random.
  • The prize - 1x copy of WVF book. No alternatives will be given.
  • Enter the competition by Monday 28th May 23:59 GMT
  • The winner will be announced later on in the week.
* This is unless you have a UK address I can send your prize to then feel free to enter ;)

This is my first give away and this is how I see others do it so hopefully it seems fair and correct.  I do apologise that I cannot extend this one to outside of the UK but I hope to do a future competition that will be available to all my followers.  To pick the winner, I will use one of those fancy number generator thingy-bobs or possibly the old fashioned name out of a hat way.

I would like to thank Jo, Clare and Vivals Publishings for involving me with this wonderful book.

I'm off to walk the doggies in the woods now.
Happy entering! xxx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

My Pinterest & New Page Tabs

Do you have a Pinterest page?  I registered some time ago but never really got round to using it until recently.  Well now I am pinning like no other!  I was always one to save images off the web and have scrape books and collected things when I was little.  Nothing has really changed I guess.  I love to look at inspiring images and especially with hairstyles.  I like to try my hands at recreating them to push my skills further.  Interiors is another big love of mine as you will see when looking through my boards.

It would be great to see your pins too and exchange our ideas.  I am most certain we will like at least some of the same things ;)

You can find mine here - The Dressing Parlour Pinterest

Speaking of new things you may have spotted that I have added some extra page tabs onto my blog.  I was planning on doing this from the very start but for one reason or other just never did.  Well here it is now so please do take a look.  If you have any suggestions for other tabs from me which may interest you then do pop me a mail..  Or if you think I may like a suggested link then let me know as well.  I am open to swapping links too as long as I like what you do/sell!

I leave you here with a few of my recent pins... xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wearable Vintage Fashion Book - The Launch

Hey!  So I have finally got round to posting about the actual party for the book launch I helped organise for Wearable Vintage Fashion.  I know this was back in April, nearly a month ago now.  I'm really sorry for being a slow coach but I promise I have just been busy and not lazy.  Here goes...

Star of the Night

Clare & Jo with the Usherettes

Cover star in attendance!

Here is Amanda of Lipstick & Curls beautifying the Usherettes earlier on.

Hanging out with my besty... hehe

THE yummiest moist cupcakes and really inventive flavours!
Colours to match the book cover of course.

It was nice and busy and everyone was having a jolly good time :D 

The Performers...

Tricity Vogue who sang little ditties from the 20s-40s and a number of her own too.
I rather enjoyed myself watching Tricity!

Here's a video I made...

Jake Vegas with his band... and the dancing began...

My cousin Nicki came to give us support and to have a drink or two.  She insisted that we took a photo together so that she could send it to her mum, my aunt!  There I am in the book.

The book has been really successful for Jo & Clare which you can find on sale in many shops and on-line; including my personal favourite, the amazing Victoria & Albert Museum and in The Tate Modern!  How exciting is that?  I will have to pop by to see for myself soon.  There was also a wee write up on The Vintage Festival website by one of their correspondents on the launch night with a review of the book which you can read right here.

I do have something even more exciting to tell you relating to the book but I will have to keep it to myself for the moment and wait until it has been confirmed.  It would be amazing for me if it came through!

For now I leave you with a photograph of me with the book that shows off my dress that little bit better.  It's a shame that I didn't capture the back of my dress because it is a lovely backless number.  xxx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Boppin' with JD McPherson

Last night was fun!  I went to see JD McPherson down at The Borderline; I've not been down there for years.  It was an amazing sold out show and I definitely had my dancing legs on.  It was great to get to see him play finally.  Especially since listening to his music for so long now and with it being such a happy reminder of last summer for me at some rockin' festivals.

I captured a few photos and some videos too.  Hope you don't get seasick as I was filming whilst boppin' at the same time.  I couldn't help it :P

Your Love (all that I'm missing) - Spot me just after 2mins in :) 

Country Boy

North Side Gal

On my way home with record in my handbag

Happy days! Getting to play said record when I awoke the next morning :D 

My beautiful Malin - where were you!?

If you get to go along to one of his shows I would highly recommend it. Hope you are having a lovely and sunny day too where ever you may be. xx

Sunday, 6 May 2012

They Make It Better

I think it's safe to say that we all have those hard times and sad times.  I have been particularly down for various reasons recently and I am glad to have some lovely friends around me.  They have made it that little bit better.  Along with the drinking and dancing!  I just wanted to do a little post of these beautiful ladies :D

Ginger Mojitos with Jaana!

Cocktails & Japanese yumminess with Beck!

My new favourite heels!

Lots of Rum, Cokes & lime with Anne!

We all need our friends through good and bad times.  Especially for the great times to help forget about the sad times with.  Thank you lovely ladies!  XXX

ps. I know how much you all love my iphone self portraits, hahaha!