Saturday, 27 October 2012

I Am Miss Cherrylicious

Hello :)

This is just a swift blog post to tell you all that I have finally set up a page for my pin-up modeling work over on Facebook.  Not really sure why I never did it before or why I have done so all of a sudden.  A friend of mine gave me a little nudge and after a think over it I realised that over the years since I started, I have modeled more this year than any other single year.  It seems strange that this should be but I think it is.  It would be lovely if you would join me over on Facebook and gave me a wee like if you so desired :D  I do so appreciate all your support; reading and following me.  I really enjoy writing these posts and am considering doing some other writing too.

I shall hope to update my Miss Cherrylicious page with new photos and have already uploaded a selection of older ones which I have not posted on here before.  I have three shoots from earlier on in the year which I am yet to receive photos for so they will probably go up soon.  There is talk of possible modeling for an exciting new brand.  If that goes ahead I shall be shooting before Christmas too.  Unfortunately I cannot seem to locate all of my photographs from over the years.  Some may be lost forever unless I come across them online.  I have changed computers a few times and probably didn't save/transfer everything over.  Oopsy.

Here's a little teaser of what's over there...

I'm in midst of writing another post so will be back shortly!
It's gone 4am here in Blighty and I should really be getting some shut eye.

Nighty night for now,
Alison xxx

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