Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Year of Partying!

Everything is in the detail and you get the lot from Angels new book.  I recently attended the launch of The Vintage Tea Party Year (available here) and as you can imagine it was one very beautiful party.  Angels book was brought to life with her Vintage Patisserie team.

The book itself is more than just recipes, it's an all round handy elegant guide to organising your very own party.  As with her first book the illustrations are beautiful, the images and props are fantastic.  It's perfect for quick reference inspirations as well as planning ahead with food, hair tips, styling and decorating around the home.  Coming just under 300 pages, there's a lot of delights to feast your eyes on.

Here are a few photos I snapped at the event...

All the yummy looking food can be found in the book.

Here I am with the glowing Angel!
The opera length leather gloves are out. It's getting cold.

Lucky there were no bunnies in sight. Note the cute basket plate :) 

This loveliness was in the goody bag and what a goody bag it was!

You may also spot a familiar face in there *winkwink*
I did a write up of the shoot earlier on in the year > here

Go grab a copy in time for Guy Fawkes partying!  Or Christmas.... Or New Years...

I would also like to mention that I bumped into lovely Fleur whom I have not seen for quite some time but that's not it.  She introduced me to Katie.  Yes, that Katie of "What Katie Did" whose lingerie I adore!  Best faux vintage lingerie around.

I have another exciting launch to attend next week but ahead of that I shall be looking forward to Sunday Roast with friends followed by fireworks for afters!

Take care,
Alison xxx


Unknown said...

How lovely and lucky for you to attend this event, I'm so jealous! I got a copy of the first book for christmas last year and i simply love it :) xxx

The Dressing Parlour said...

Angel is amazing and so lovely too. You should definitely get the second book :) xxx