Friday, 19 October 2012

Latex Love - Très Bonjour

I am always cooing and swooning over all the gorgeous latex and lovely ladies in latex I come across but am yet to own a piece myself.  Not that I haven't wanted to of course, for years now but it isn't something you can throw on to go to the shops with.  I can definitely think of a few places/events I would wear latex to but so far it hasn't pushed me enough to purchase an outfit.  Although I have been considering it more and more.  Do any of my lovely readers wear latex?  Is it the case of once you pop you just can't stop?  Will I get the bug and continue to amass a big collection?  I do seriously think that before the end of the year if/when I have some money to spare I will have purchased a pair of stockings at least.  Now, they are something I can definitely wear I have no doubt.  A lovely pair of glossy pins!  They are probably perfect for the winter months ahead of us in fact.

I came across this lovely set recently whilst blogging lingerie over on my Tumblr page and well, what lingerie loving lady could say no to this?!

Lost Paradise collection by Très Bonjour from Berlin

Some other loveliness from Très Bonjour...

I thought this post was perfect for today as it is National Stockings Day!  I may well have to seek out their showroom when I do finally get my peachy behind off to Berlin.  I hope you all had your sexy pins stocking-ed up and your seams straight today (everyday)!

Have a lovely evening,
Alison xxx

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