Monday, 6 August 2012


Hello there!  I am back from my long weekend in Sweden and The A-Bombers Old Style Weekend. Having got back in the AMs I have spent today relaxing and unpacking before I have to go back to work.  I also missed my English grub so I made myself some sausage and mash for dinner tonight.  Gosh it was yums!

Before I get round to doing a write up of OSW I thought I would show you something that I did just before going away.  My flatmate was bleaching her roots and I thought why not?  I've always wanted to try out a streak in my fringe so I did it.

The blonde didn't last long.  Only two days in fact.  As my natural hair is black the bleaching makes it more of a yellow than blonde and so colour was added.  I'm sure when I do my roots and re-bleach the streak it will be a lot lighter and I may then keep it blonde for a bit longer.  But I have a feeling I will most likely keep changing the colour instead.  When it's this easy to do I should make the most of the bleached streak before turning it black again.

I used two semi-permanent toners which resulted in this...

What do you think?  It definitely has more of a rockabilly vibe than a 40's look but then again I enjoy all of these.  Mixing a bit of everything up.  I will try one of my 30's hairstyles soon to see what it looks like.  Of course if I change the colour I will be sure to post a pic.

Nighty nite for now.  OSW post very soon :)
Alison xxx

Ps. I keep meaning to mention this but always forget.  I recently joined Twitter and you can find me right here.  Come join me if you like ;)

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