Thursday, 26 July 2012

Oh What The Chap?!

As promised, I am catching up on myself with a little writing.  A couple of weekends ago it was once again time for the fabulousness that was The Chap Olympiad 2012.  What with it being the year of the Olympics, Chap went all sporting on us and made the event a two-dayer.  Now, we all know the importance of choosing the right outfit for any event; let alone a double dayer!  So I thought I would start the post with my outfits and hair.

Day One
One of my bespoke pieces which I had made for me especially last summer.  It was in fact its first ever outing even though it has been sitting in my wardrobe for nearly the past year.  I did bring it to Sweden with me last summer but never actually got round to wearing it as I took so much with me to choose from.  Then the weather was just not that great here and no event  good enough called for it's reveal.  That was until The Chap Olympiad!  I'm sure if the outfit had a mind of its own it would be pretty pleased as it received so many compliments and photo requests.  The outfit is in fact a two-piece and not a dress as it may seem at first glance.  The top half is in the style of a halter style waistcoat with a cut-out waist and waistband fastened by a single vintage button.  On either sides are openings again fastened by some vintage buttons with the front closing using concealed hook and eyes.  The skirt is of the circle style.  I had the fabric sourced with my specification and the pattern is a 1940s one.  I thought it may have been a little too summery but the weather turned out to be just A-Ok that day.

The outfit was finished off with a pair of tiki style wedges and my lovely Miss L Fire reproduction lucite 'Jitterbug' handbag which was also very well received.  Most thought it was an original.  How I wish it was but kudos to MLF!

Here's a back/side view - photo borrowed from here.  You will also find a couple more of moi, plus some other lovely people from the event at the link.

Day Two
So onto my second outfit at The Chap do.  Another bespoke number with an oriental theme.  You may recall a previous post about this particular dress being made for me.  I had it made to order especially for my sisters wedding back in February this year.  This was one of the two amazing dresses; the other which I posted a photo of recently here.

This is my version of a cheongsam dress with the style of In the Mood for Love and 2046 in mind.  The style and setting in both of these films has really embedded itself into my heart.  I had the dress made so that it was more fitted to the body than they are usually made.  The length kept long to mid-calf with high side splits on both sides.  I had to give full body measurements from head to toe (so to speak) which gave me amazing results.  It fits like a glove as bespoke should with the most amazing finishes.  It is not until you come up close will you realise the dress is not of true vintage origin.  The mark of a dress well made I say!  I definitely have more of these lovelies with my name on it to be made soon :)

Accessorised with Pimms and wellies for the great British summer!

Onto Hair.  I spent the evening before the weekend setting it into rollers as I do and spent the morning styling the 'do' before anything else happened whilst eating a breakfast of fruit, crumble, yogurt and honey.  Such work has to be put in I kept the same style for the whole weekend (just like in the good ol' days) managing to keep it in good order when I slept on it.  Only change was the hair accessory.  It really is so much easier to style other peoples hair.  At least you see can what you are doing without having to stop and check with a two way mirror every other turn.  I was very happy with the results I have to say.  These styles doesn't seem to take me any less time the more I create them but more that they seem to come out better each time.

 Thank you to my lovely Beck for taking all these photos for me.

Last but not least... The events photos and videos!

Order of the day

Tristan - The Master of Ceremonies 

In the bar...


Umbrella Jousting  

Ironing Board Surfing... As you do.

Free Scones from our neighboring table party.

The Heavy Weights

The Best Victoria Sponge apparently!

Promo Chaps

The lovely Beck & Alice

Musical mayhem

Dancing was had.

Gorgeous Hat and Outfit spotted. 

Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer doing his ditties for our entertainment!

The only way to behave when you hear Mr.B

Beck sporting her 99 proudly whilst modeling my hair flowers with a dash of cuteness.

A Chap showing some prowess... but that is surely foul play?

Tug of Hair...

turned for the worst.

Luckily nurses were on hand with some Gin!

Ladies line up for Bounders

As do the Chaps

And that's how it's done as expertly shown by Miss Minna!

Nurse now has the job of saving the ladies from Atters!

Briefcase Phalanx

The Last Dance as the sun comes down over what was The Chap Olympiad 2012

Well, that was that.  A wonderful but very tiring weekend with all Chaps and Chappest.  I'm not sure two days of such sporting activities was good for my health.  The bar was far to close to hand!

Righto, what next?  Swweeeeddeeeennnnnnnnnnn!  The A-Bombers Old Style Weekend to be precise.  In a weeks time (I already started counting down the days) I shall have landed in Goteborg.  Yay!  I also just spotted the Caezars are playing.  Double yay!

Until my next post.  Toodle-loo,
Alison xxx

Dancing feet!  Another photo borrowed from here.


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*sighs* So much inspiration in one post.


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Oh thank you Dollface!
Yes. My Miss L Fire collection is surely racking up. Hehe x

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