Thursday, 16 August 2012


I must admit I have a bit of a shoe fetish... well, in handbags, pencil skirts and many many other things too but I do tend to get rather obsessed with certain style of items now and then.  Mules being one of them.  I think you either love them or hate them.  Or you can either pull them off or not (it's the way they make you walk).  I being petite and owning tiny feet helps me to totter around in them with ease without looking like I might topple over.  Haha!

Thinking back I do recall owning a pair of black faux leather mules in my teens.  My first grown-up 'womanly' pair were/are my beloved red leather vintage Bally's purchased maybe eight years ago from Peekaboo Vintage.  I use to wear them with a pair of super tight black jean.  It gave me the feeling of being Sandra-Dee gone bad!

The newest addition to my collection are these sweet smelling Vivienne Westwood and Melissa collaborations.  They also came in a lovely nude/pale pink but unfortunately I could not find them in my size.  Gorgeous as well as practical (in "Alison" terms) as they can be worn in the rain.  So they made it to Sweden with me.  Festival chic made easy.  Although Malin did laugh at me because, only I would wear such heels to a "festival".  I say you can wear heels anywhere as long as they are the right heels! :D  

Here are a few others from my ever growing collection...

Vintage Gold Leather from Absolute Vintage near Brick Lane

Miranda from Miss L Fire - whom you all know I just adore!
These are actually in their sale right now. I'm tempted to purchase the pink too...

My beloved Vintage Bally's

Do you see where I get the idea from?
You're the one that I want... woo ooh ooh...

These were not originally mules but I removed the straps! 

I'm sure I have more than these in mules but since a lot of my shoes are still living at my sisters home; out of sight, out of mind.  Bad.  I really need a shoe catalogue like the one I made whilst all my shoes were under one roof.  Now, it seems I need it even more.

I still have a wish list of course.  Even with all these choices to hand.  Always!

Classic Genie's in clear and gold

6 inchers! Appropriately named Domina in black patent leather

The nude versions

 Polly's with a bow = cute

Baby Pink heels with black lace from Elite

These heels remind me of Wanda from Cry Baby, one of my all time favourites.  Even though she didn't actually wear heeled mules she was such a bad-ass pin-up in that movie!  They would have looked amazing with her outfits.  Although I do also have a soft spot for wearing bobby socks too.

I'm a size 35.5 by the way for those who would like to send me a gift ;) 

Do I have a shoe problem?  Ask my sister.

Alison xxx

2 comments: said...

I love shoes like this but I can't dance in them. So when I go out I tend to wear wedges. This means I have a bunch of springolators and mules that just gather dust. Sad.

The Dressing Parlour said...

Completely. These surely were not made for partner dancing but oh so beautiful!