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Flirting with Old Flames - 17th Old Style Weekend

Well yes, that I did do but shhh that's between you and I...  ;)

Now that I have your attention lets talk about the weekender that was A-Bombers 17th Old Style Weekend.  After last years frolics I had to go back for more, there was no doubt about it.  This time round, I had a shorter holiday and spent less days in Sweden but we went to OSW a day earlier for their pre-party.  I was happy to hear that an extra day there did not mean an extra day camping; we went to stay at Malin's parents for the evening which was lovely.  Bed, shower, time to get ready and for hair coiffing.

As we set off from Malin and Magnus' home a few hours after I landed it poured down with rain all the way to our destination.  Luckily the heavens were nice to us and stopped for just enough time so that we could set up the caravan and our little camp area along with M&M's friends.

I'd never set up a caravan before and was left sitting in the car...

The rainbow then appeared. It stretched out so far!

More and more people arrived and the drinking began... We went to seek the party.

My freshly dyed streak

The Teen Twisters

The next day... Friday.  It was so lovely and sunny.  In fact the whole time turned out like this in the end.  Bringing my wellies all the way there was a waste of time and luggage weight but it had to be done as I wore them last year.  We could only be happy about the sunshine!

I have to apologise but I did not take any photos of my Friday night outfit.  I'm sure I will come across some and will post them up.  I won't be rubbish and try to describe my dress to you.  It probably won't make any sense.  Although I did have great hair.  One of my best styled beehive bouffant to date!

Ike and the Capers

Round Up Boys

Saturday afternoon was The Hill Climb Race at Devils Peak.  It's complicated because it's not a race with each other but a race against your own time.  There are four classes; Hot Rods, Kustoms, Motorcycles and Stock American cars pre 1956.  You get to drive two times and you have to try and get an equal a time as possible.  The winner is the driver with the closet race time!  It's all just an excuse to stare at fancy motors really.

Travelling in style - Of course I was hairstylist for the weekend as always!

There I am looking silly and not paying attention.

Some lovely old skis on the roof there!

Here I am wearing some high-waisted denim shorts with a little cropped black top.

Birdy house included ;) 

When I grow up I want a car this colour - coral pink suits me just fine :D 

Someone has been to OSW a lot!


Dust in yer face!

Saturday evening was for partying and there was a big group of us hanging out...

Magnus in the naughty booth

Meet Magnus and Magnus!

I hate holding the camera like this. It always makes me pull a funny face :/ 

See.  Haha

Boys-a-dancing... winkwink ;) 

The Caezars also flew over to Sweden

It was basically the end of our night after The Caezars.  I was far too drunk and stopped drinking a couple of hours before.  Malin took some great pics of me being served drink from Magnus which I will show you at some point.  I was pretty good and managed to take off my make-up and take out my contact lenses each night.  Even sleeping in a tent.

Now, OSW isn't without its shopping.  Here are a couple of amazing bits that I picked up.  I cannot wait to get some lenses into my "new" glasses.  They look so fab on me.  I couldn't believe it!  I also picked up a gorgeous Lucite handbag.  My favourite style of all vintage handbags which you may know if you read my blog regularly.  I will definitely be using both of these at High Rock-a-billy in Spain next month.

Picked up a pair of cute dice bracelets too :D 

I also spotted these dungarees. How cute are the matching kiddie versions!
I really like the brown pair.  I saw a guy in them and he looked dashing.

Well, that was a very very long photo blog.  Mind you, I did manage to make three post out of my trip last summer.  There is a lot to show, even without my outfits.  Here we are sadly leaving OSW for 2012.  I'm sure I will be back next year.  I may even try to make it to Hultsfreed Hayride next summer.  Gosh, so much to look forward to.

Sad Times :'( 

Us gals looking gorgeous in our Freddies!

Spain's High Rock-A-Billy is my next big event and holiday rolled into one.  I am truly very excited. I am having issues just thinking about packing.  My luggage managed to be overweight going to Sweden for the weekend.  Although I do blame the wellies for that and the fact that the weather was very unpredictable and I had to pack for the cold and warmth.  Plus I was with Ryan Air which only allows 15kg.  Not as much headache with Spain as it's sure to be hothothot so lots of little pieces of clothing; no jumpers, plus Sharon and I are flying Easyjet with 20kg luggage allowance.  Just need to make sure to leave room for some shopping!

There'll be more posts before jetting off again as it's not for a few weeks yet.  Lots of things to write about no doubt!  Maybe a shoe post...

Alison xxx

Ps. Nearly forgot, Malin managed to get me last years OSW tee!  I was sooo happy as I had forgotten to pick one up at the time and was pretty damned about it.  I love my present.  Thank you Malin!  Love you lots ;) 

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