Thursday, 23 August 2012

Spain has got Me Thinking...

About bikinis and getting ready!  Is my bikini body perfected?  Haha not really, so to speak.  I'm one of those girls that just wing it.  I have always been naturally small and I don't recall "dieting" at any stage of my life so far.  I may take this for granted; which I think most people do if they are not entirely 'unhappy' with their body but I never over eat or indulge too much.  I believe that is the key.  Plus I hate that stuffed feeling!  Although I do have a terrible sweet tooth.  I really can't imagine anything would be enough to drive me to the gym that's for sure.  Maybe the odd dance class or yoga.  I think I run around enough on a daily basis.  As long as you are happy, it's your body.  That's what matters I guess.

Hmm... I never intended to become all serious...  Let's just go back to holiday and bikinis shall we?!  Even though I may have tens of bikinis already; this is a lot for someone who doesn't actually swim or like to sunbath.  It didn't stop me from having a browse.

Since I barely dip my toes in the water anyway...
Vavoom blue floral playsuit from Etsy
This is on my list to buy.  I love it so!

Room and Diving Board from Modcloth 

Hawaii inspired from My Sugar Doll 

Two-piece Vs One piece. Why choose? From What Katie Did 

If I had thought about this earlier I would have ordered this!
Leopard one shoulder swimsuit from Etsy 

Vintage 40s Floral set from Etsy 

Kicking It on the Coast from Modcloth

Missy Green Picknick from I Love Vintage

Two-tone wrap shoulder by Mouille
Team with a wide bream hat...

Made to order high-waisted cotton bikinis from Etsy

Superhigh waist swim skirt set from Etsy

Marina one-piece from Anthropologie

40s style Stripe two-piece from Etsy 

One can never own enough leopard from My Sugar Doll 

This is such a sweet little number...
Vintage 60s Jantzen Plaid bikini from Etsy 

Does this get you in the mood for a holiday or like me, you just like to collect pretty things?  I am literally counting down the days when I shall be rockin' out at High Rock-A-Billy!  Do you have plans for the end of summer?  Anyone else out there attending High?  It would be lovely to meet you :)

There is so much to think about... Packing.  What to pack!  Setting my hair to go to the airport in or not?  I need to buy more hair dye.  I need to buy other holiday essentials too.  Gosh, I really need to make a list before I panic!  Which shoes with which outfit?  What outfits?!  You know for my long weekend to Sweden for Old Style Weekend I managed to bring with me five handbags and five pairs of shoes (not including the wellies)!!

I sound stressed, but really I'm not.  I just like to be organised where possible.  A girl has to look her best right?  You never know who you might meet ;)

I'll keep you updated on my holiday prep.  Off to do more sit-ups.
Only kidding!  Toodles, Alison xxx

Ok, just one more...
This Latex Hearts set is super cute but definitely not made for holiday wear :P 


Mr. Tiny said...

So excited about Spain!!! Maybe we will see you there. My sister, Mary Simich, is going to be singing/playing on Sunday night. This is our first High and our first trip to the Europe! It is a crazy packing nightmare but I know it is going to be a blast!!!!

The Dressing Parlour said...

Oh yes please do come and say hi. It'd be great to meet everyone from everywhere. I'll be sure to catch Mary! Let the crazy packing plan begin :)

TheBlackPinafore said...

I just received the costume Vintage Suits by Mary, wow is perfect.

good holiday

The Dressing Parlour said...

Ooh, I love that too. Good choice BP!