Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Oh London How I have Missed You!

'Ello 'ello!  I'm sat here writing from my new living room whilst the sky outside just cannot seem to decide whether it wants to be sunny or rainy.  Oh silly England!  So from my last post I mentioned a little about this and a little about that.  This here is a follow on about my little-big move to East London!

Obviously it was never going to happen; me bringing absolutely everything with me that is!  I had to whittle down all of my favourite things.... shoes, clothes, handbags, home things, books :(  It was pretty hard decision making right there.  Anyway, somehow I managed to do it (well, not without picking up a few more bits when I visited and asking my sis to take some things out with her to work for me) and it's a good thing all round as I am still trying to organise my room to the way I would like it to be even with less bits and bobs.

All moves are not without their disasters right?  As we started to unload from the van into my new room a leak greeted me.  Whoopsies!  Water ran down the side wall and also right through the middle down the light fitting.  Luckily we had only just started unloading, because otherwise there might have been horror at the sight of my things and TV being drenched.  With this lovely surprise we unloaded into the living room and decided to head out for some lunch instead.  Did I mention that I had quite a team with me?  Me, my sis and her husband and our lovely doggies Bella & Dottie!  Of course they just spectated but I know that if they could they would definitely help with the lifting because they are good like that ;)

As the night went on the girls(my new flatmates) and I decided we would head on out for the evening.  Partly as a sending off to Nati and a welcoming for moi.  Lots of dancing was had.  Maybe a little too much drinking... by me anyway.  Introducing... Samantha (newly blonde), Orphea (front), Nati (back) and me on the right if you didn't know.  The photo-booth strip was taken at the beginning of our night out and is now in pride of place on our staircase wall.

I've been putting all my little trinkets around my room... into my display cabinet and my lovely deco dressing table which I have been waiting to use for months and months!  I had seen and subsequently purchased it earlier on in the year knowing that I had planned to move back into London.  It was kept in storage until now where it is taking pride of place in my boudoir! 

The very few books I managed to take with me... the hundreds I left behind :( 

I love my dresser so so much!

I have covered the dresser in all my products and accessories etc but it isn't quite as I want it yet because I have not filled the drawers or cupboard.  I'll be sure to post a photo of the finished display when I can decide what to do! 

For now, this is a brief peek into my boudoir.  There are curtains yet to be purchased, I have more bed linen to buy, also some fabric/cloth to cover my rail to protect the clothes.  So glad I made the decision to buy a 6ft rail to set up right away.  Otherwise there would have been no where for all my clothes.  Even though there is a small double wardrobe and two chest of drawers.  Not enough by any standards!  I have to add that I am very pleased with my shoe corner.  Maybe 50% of my collection made it with me to East London but there were still plenty to contain.  They are neatly concealed(as much as they can be) in the corner between my two chests.  Although it seems I have somehow already managed to purchase new pairs of shoes... How did that happen??

Hope you have a lovely evening as I must now plan my dinner party for tomorrow.  What shall I cook?  Already decided on the desert of Eaton Mess.  All going a bit backwards with the planning.  But it's like summer in the mouth, even if it is grey outside.  If all goes right I shall take some pics of my efforts in the kitchen.

Alison xxx

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