Friday, 13 July 2012

Min Boudoir Magazine Feature

Well, this is rather exciting news to announce!  I have been keeping it for quite some months until the issue recently came out.  As the title suggests, I am indeed featured in the third edition of the Swedish Vintage Lifestyle/Pin-Up publication Min Boudoir this month!  You know the little book of Vintage Styling I was recently featured in and was helping the authors to promote?  Well, the magazine article is something to do with said book.  I had organised with Tifa (Editor in chief) a book give away through the magazine whilst I was organising the book launch.  Tifa had then ask for me to feature with the article.  Of course I really couldn't say no to that now could I?  ;)  Heh!  It so happened at the time Anna, Min Boudoir's photographer was visiting London and we had planned to shoot together.  As it goes, for some unknown reason(I blame modern technology) we couldn't get in touch with each other and it was Anna's last day in London.  Lucky me I happen to have my very good friend and photographer Jaana on hand.  We took some shots at the book launch and sent that across to Tifa.  Ta da, the job is done!

Issue three can now be purchased in stores across Sweden and also via their website for those living abroad. Issue one is also available but issue two is now sadly sold out.

My lovely Malin residing in Sweden has kindly picked up a copy for me and one for herself too.  Ready to be flicked through when I visit next month.  I cannot wait!  Of course I wanted to see the article and Malin so kindly took a photo for me.  The article was a lot bigger than I had expected, as well as my photograph.  A full page :D

I believe the caption says something along the lines of... "Model and blogger Miss Cherrylicious in Wearable Vintage Fashion where she speaks of her style."  Do correct me if I am wrong as the two times I Google translated it, it said different things.  Or maybe it's me typing it incorrectly?  Remember you can win yourself a copy of Wearable Vintage Fashion through the magazine so go and pick up a copy now!

This was just a quick update and a bit of exciting news from me.  Thank you to the lovely Tifa for asking me to be in an issue of Min Boudoir.  When I can I will most definitely take you up on the offer of modelling for your wonderful publication.

I will be back posting about my new humble abode very soon with a few snaps of my own boudoir!  Also of course my weekend at The Chap Olympiads.

Happy Friday 13th.  Night night,
Alison xx

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Jo Waterhouse said...

Great feature and great promo for the book! Thanks Alison! Jx