Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My new Freddies!

I love Freddies of Pinewood... but you already know that!

The new thing is I love my NEW Freddies which came through the post a few days ago :)
The best thing is they were on sale!  Great when you don't have much to spare.  Although I must add that Freddies prices are amazing and I will be building up my collection when I can.  I'm seriously thinking ahead about some winter shoes.  Maybe a pair of black leather biker boots?  Come wind, rain or snow I will be good!

Check these out before they are go go gone.
Not many sizes left now... not when they are £25.

Ton-Up Jeans

As described on their website - For ladies in the fast lane!  The new tighter style - a late 50s look.  They look great rolled up to make pedal pushers too!  These come with gold coloured stitching and have a yolk on the back.

I gave them a whirl yesterday.  I teamed it with this lovely halter top from Vivien of Holloway with a pair of ballet pumps and my beloved college bomber.  I wore them with a few small turn-ups so they were cropped which worked great.  Rockabilly Pin-Up made easy.

Next in my Freddies shopping basket will be...

Black Cord Dungarees - great for the coming winter me thinks!

1950s Utility Jeans

When I have more $$$ to spare

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