Thursday, 22 September 2011

Along Came Polly...

Polly of the California kind that is.

I first came across Polly of California some years back but I have recently acquired a new obsession with them.  Their Genie mule was an iconic shoe of the 50s and 60s.  Famously worn by Marilyn Monroe (apparently they were her favourites) and Debbie Harry of Blondie on the cover of Parallel Lines.

These amazing wooden clogs were known for their comfort as well as their style with it's unmistakeable half metal tipped heel being named the 'glamour clogs'.  Pin-Ups, actresses and Burlesque ladies alike loved them.  I love them!

I came across this amazing collection of vintage deadstock Pollys on Etsy but unfortunately I am too late as they have all been sold :(  Still I can enjoy looking at them and maybe one day I can find myself a pair just as beautiful!

Luckily for me Polly have recently re-established and you can now buy an all new genuine pair of Genies in an array of leather, colours and sparkles.  Or you can opt for one of their 'new' designs and there are some lovely ones!  Another choice would be to buy some from Bordello or Betsey Johnson who use the same manufactures to make their version of the Polly heels.  Just as good but being a vintage lovin' gal I would love to own an original pair.  Who wouldn't?

I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair or two of these.  Hopefully before it gets too cold to wear and they are relegated to the shoe cupboard to wait for next years sun!  My shoe obsession continues... xx

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Fix your Elitron said...

As you Might know Betsey went bankrupt and Polly of California decided to relaunch the Original brand again .
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