Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Weekend of Interiors and the likes - Sunday

After losing an hours sleep due to the clocks going forward, I took an extra long train ride (no thanks to engineering works) towards London!  I was off to meet with my good friend Rebecca for a long overdue day out.  Off I skipped to Bethnal Green; a station which I use to frequent regularly.  Now I looked on with nostalgia, for the last time I alighted here was quite some years ago.  Of course, everything looked the same on the outside, just with a sunny smile!

Arm linked in arm we went along Old Ford Road catching up and giggling.  Where were we going?  To York Hall for the wonderful Vintage Furniture Flea!  As we approached I was already cursing the trains for their delay as I could see many a table/chairs/cabinets being walked out of the hall already.  Darn it!

York Hall itself was really quite something.  A magnificent Georgian building, opened in 1929 by the Duke of York and still standing to this day.  Let me show you what I mean.
Inside was wall to wall furniture and nic-naks.  A place after my own heart but yet again, I had to be under full restraint as I have no more room to fit another piece of furniture no matter how beautiful :(
Why oh why do I always torture myself like this??  At least I could console myself with a few smaller pieces.  And we all know small is beautiful!

Here are all the gems that could've been had...
After a few hours of looking around over and over to make sure we didn't miss any goodies we took a little afternoon tea and cake.  The cakes were real yummy and you were ask to pick your own china teacup too.  How delish!
On my rounds I also happen upon two of my vintage loving gal pals, Fleur and Miss Honey-Bare.  Well surprise, surprise :)
I simply cannot leave empty handed and so below are a few of my purchases.  An Ornament Shelf which I plan to add a lick of paint to before putting up.  I will show you this once it is complete, along with my frames from Saturday.  Some Vintage Buttons and an Owl Tea towel for my sister.  Lastly, one of the first things I spotted.  Two lovely Record Racks, just what I was looking for!  Together my purchases came to just under £43 including tea and cake.  Not bad if I say so myself.
It was such a glorious day we decided we would have a little wonder around.  Not in the park but off to the V&A Museum of Childhood.  Once again, housed in the loveliest of buildings with a most beautiful floor.  One that I would love to have in my home one day.
My picture journey through the museum... page down/end now if you are planning to make a visit yourself!
With just the insert of a 20pence coin this amazing machinery came to life.
I actually bought a reproduction of the little 'Bambi' at Christmas for my sister. 
Loving the handbag station.  That's what I call a stylish set of wheels!
An Original proto-type; complete with mis-matched body parts of other dolls.
Nothing beats Dogtanian!
I had both of these when I was a young-un.  What did you have?
Were these actually played with?  It's just too extravagant!

Right then, that was that.  My last weekend was a thoroughly enjoyable one.  It's all workworkwork this weekend however.  I hope you are enjoying yours! xx


Jemima said...

Love the picnic hamper. It sure looks busy! Hate engineering works - bus replacements aare just awful. The museum looks interesting, I recognise some of the toys!

The Dressing Parlour said...

It was pretty busy but not in a crazy can't shop or see a thing kinda way. I'm most definitely going to the next one.
The best thing at the museum was recognising all the toys! x