Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Best of Both Worlds

I have some exciting news to tell you all.

The lovely Miss L Fire has just launched their long awaited Lucite Handbags onto their website ready for purchase!  I have been eyeing these up since I discovered Miss L Fire some years ago now but they were no longer in production.  So of course you can imagine my excitement when I found out that they were to be re-introduced for S/S11.  Anyone who knows me will know just how much I love handbags and how many I already have.  But we also know that you can never have enough of the good ones ;)  I just hope they last long enough till my payday.

These beauties are reproduction Lucite Handbags designed to look just like the real deal in some gorgeous shades.  I can't count the number of times I have picked up a vintage one at a market or other to find a crack here or a chip there.  It really is a shame that this is the case and coming across a barely-flawed Vintage Lucite Handbag can sometimes mean many £££s.

It's also a good time to share the postage fees and pop along your favourite handbag together with a pair of their lovely shoes into the shopping basket.  Or if you fancy some new lingerie you can always head over to the What Katie Did site and buy the handbags there with some frillys!  We could all be saving a few pounds here and there in these hard times.  Especially when you have a habit like mine!

Like any vintage repro items they really are the Best of Both Worlds!
Happy shopping xx

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