Monday, 28 March 2011

My Weekend of Interiors and the likes - Saturday

I thought I would tell you all about my weekend which was full of Interiors, Exteriors and a bit of Spring Sunshine!  We are taking a quick break away from my posts about Göteborg but they are on their way.

So on this lovely spring weekend I spent looking, oohing and spending (just a little) on a few things for the home.  Although I would say that I had to be very very restrained due to the fact that I actually live at my sister' house and as yet to have my very own humble abode to decorate.  I do however have my boudoir!

On the Saturday, off my family and I went to The Ideal Home Show at Earls Court.  This is a two week long event where you can go to browse at all things home, garden, beauty and food.  It was mighty busy with so much to look at.  Some inspired, others verging on ridiculous.  We didn't actually get to go round the whole event because it was so over crowded (not in a good way).  Luckily my sister had got us some free tickets so not too annoyed.  Anyhow, moving on...

Here's my journey in pictures!
 No Ostrich or Kangaroo burgers for us but some lovely giant olives and
baklava was taken home.  Yum! 
 'Golden Glory' built in 1939 - a 30ft slipper launch, on sale for a mere £55,000!
This was a display in aid of the Military Services Charity.
Amazing traditional Chinese Art of Embroidery.  The whole image is completed by hand no matter how big or small the picture was.
I purchased a pair of these linen and gold gilt frames for my bedroom.
I will show you once they are up on display!
Some original 1950's and 1960's Juke Boxes - fully restored and ready for new homes.
Love Love Love!
 Also some modern versions, even with an ipod dock and a restored Elvis slot machine.
This here is Fleurs garden design for Harveys as some of you may have read about already over at Diary of a Vintage Girl
Broom Broom.... Vintage Vespa's
 We finished off the day with a 99cone from Annie's!  It was exactly what we need.
Some sugar and a cooling down :)

 Sunday write up coming very soon! xx

Ps. Right at the end we sneaked in a quick purchase of a bird cage.  More of this when it's my sister' wedding!

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