Friday, 8 April 2011

Göteborg, del tre - Through the key hole

Who lives in a house like this?

Well... actually, you know.  Let's meet the family!

Malin and Magnus
Elvis snuggling on my skirt and Nancy cosying up on my bed.
Two of their three babies.
There is two sides to Göteborg, with the river running right through it.  Its known as the city side and the country side, which is where we were.  These lovely little houses were built during the mid 1930's and were nicknamed the Sugar Cube Houses due to their block shape and simplicity.  At the time they were built especially to accommodate all of the workers at the nearby Volvo factory.  You will see below that many of those houses have now been expanded for modern times but still look as beautiful as they did way back when.

Let's take the grand tour!
The Entrance
The Kitchen
The Living Room
Love the radio. And see the wall mounted amp, it's actually a drinks cabinet!
On the left is a vintage TV set in a little cabinet.  You can just hear the crackling!
The planter, side table and shelves are all original 50's furniture.  Beautiful!
The Hallway
The Study... and my room for the duration.
The Basement - with original 30s wooden stairs leading down
to The Bettie Page Room and the Restroom.
In the restroom, they uncovered these amazing original tiles to die for!

These are a few other little things that I loved dotted around...

One of Malin's Birthday presents - a pair of vintage 40s speakers.
An outdoor log shed which made me smile.
Original Light switches in all variaties
I also sampled these special Easter buns filled with cream and almond paste.
The bun is all cinnamony!

I had such a wonderful time and absolutely fell in love with their beautiful home.
When I grow up I want to have a home to call my own and to decorate it with vintage furnishings and  my dreams desires!  I hope Malin and Magnus' home has been as much of an inspiration to you as it has been for me. xxx

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