Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Göteborg, del en - Let's talk food!

Firstly I just have to apologise for having not posted in a while.  I have just been away on holiday as you will read and the run up to that I tried to squeeze in so much that I never had the time to post a blog!

Now I am sooo excited to write all about my trip to Göteborg for my friend Malins birthday bash.  You may have read an earlier post (Aloha!) where I mentioned about this.  Well, there were so many exciting things that I am now splitting the posts so do come back after this one for more installments :)

My lovely Malin also happens to be into the 1950's and so on our first outting we went to have brunch at Egg & Milk.  E&M is a cute little American style diner near Linneplatsen in Göteborg.  Open only between 7am and 3pm it has all your breakfast, brunch and lunch needs taken care of.  Apparently if you go at the weekends after 9.30am you are in for a looong wait with a rumbling tummy to boot.  There was the usual diner style food - a variety of pancakes, 12 types of bagels(which are hard to come by in Sweden by the way), eggs and bacon, smoothies, milkshakes and other delicious treats.  I shared the blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon with Marea plus a freshly squeezed orange juice on the side.  Yumyum!
I could easily talk about brunch all day but that wasn't all we had to eat.  On Sunday Marea and Pelle who were also visiting Malin from Oslo for the weekend were leaving.  So here we had some traditional Swedish 'grub' before they had to catch their coach home.  Sausage and Mash but not in the English style.  It has been around since the 50's and were available in the 'fastfood' sense before all the diners started to pop up.  Unfortunately I didn't sample this dish due to the sausage being made of beef but it sure looks filling.
In Sweden they love to take coffee breaks.  They are huge on coffee, kinda like our afternoon tea I guess.  On my last day we strolled around Haga and stopped by Cafe Husaren for a little rest time.  They had the best and biggest lookin' cinnamon rolls in their window!  Haga is a really old part of Göteborg and so you will notice that the exterior and the interior of this cafe is really lovely.
Of course, I bagged myself a Giant Cinnamon Roll to take home.  As if you had to ask :p
I also quickly popped into the supermarket before packing up to pick up a few Swedish sweeties!  I'm sure you recognise a few favourites here :)

More to come!  God knows how many parts there will be.
Miss you Göteborg xxx

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