Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I do love a bit of Tiki.  Whether it's the pattern on a dress, the decor or the theme of a party.  The idea of having a tiki themed party for the summer sounds too delicious!  My friend is having her birthday at a tiki bar called Kontiki in Göteborg.
I was having a little nose around their website and it looks so cute.  I can't wait to visit and see for myself.  Here's a sneak peek...
Once I start looking at something I tend to obsess and just keep going.  That's the problem with the internet sometimes.  It encourages obsessions!  Although this time it has not been wasted.  I have uncovered the perfect people to help you organise a Tiki party of all tiki parties!  May I introduce to you... Cheeky Tiki.  As stated on their website - The place where all dreams of creating your own tropical Tiki paradise can be accomplished !  That is quite a statement, but once you start looking at what they can offer you will not disagree :)
Here are some of my favourite things for sale on their site to make your perfect party.

Number one on the shopping list - A Bamboo Bar of course! £550
Some decor - Portable Ships Lamp £14.95, Red Mouth Tiki £45, Fish Float £9.95 
Good Time Girl Mug £12.50, Tangaroa Mug £12, Coconut Vessel £5.50
Coconut Bra £3, Baby Lobster £4.50
Shell Bowl £35, Pupu Platter £50, Aloha Sign £30
The party sure is coming along now!  But wait I hear you shout... I don't have space to keep a tiki bar all year round.  Fear not, as Cheeky Tiki also do hiring and events. 
And if it really is all just too much organising, you could always just doll up and dance the night away at one of these Tiki hotspots!

I wish you all a Happy Aloha-ing everyone! x

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