Monday, 14 March 2016

Putting Ink to Paper

This is a little bit of a delayed post but as they say, better late then never!  Long before Christmas loomed I had already decided that this(last) year I would make the effort to draw all my cards again which I so love.  I am constantly picking up and putting down my drawing instruments but it has definitely been more down this pass couple of years so even when I got crazy busy with work I made myself draw the cards.  Of course, once I got started it was a really nice thing to relax to after a long day at work.  I hadn't really thought about my theme but once I did the first one the rest just flowed out in the same theme.  It felt much more personal and the dedication was for the receiver and no one else of course.  Each one I spent my time inking.

I would decide on the base shape and placement of the names then free flowed from then on adding as much embellishment as until I felt it was finished.  I particularly liked the addition of the fox tail which I added as this is the recipient's favorite animal.  I see them everyday where I live so had plenty of models to draw from!  The red velvet ribbon made it all just that bit more Christmassy and inside I drew a little wreath to add to the decoration.  

They're by no means an oil painting but I loved making them and will try to make all my cards from now on.  I love spending time and effort on anything I gift and cards are no different.  In a world of ready-made and high consumption it's nice to know we all still appreciate that something a bit special.  These particular ones are quite girly so I would like to go a bit harder on my next tries.  Afterall I do have a graphics background...  I particularly enjoyed(do enjoy) typography when I was doing my projects.  Loved putting together logos!

I think I shall be offering them for sale on my etsy at some point.  Personalised cards with names, initials, words, added animal theme...?

It's the thought that counts.  It is indeed. xxx


Sabrina said...

Wow, these are really lovely! I find it hard to draw anything frilly or patterned, and so I really appreciate the detail in these.

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