Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hand in Glove

I have a thing for gloves... Especially when we are discussing opera length leather loveliness.  The long awaited line by Dita Von Teese which launched recently is like a dream to me.  If you haven't had a chance to gaze your eyes over them, may I present to you a selection of my favourites.

The Flirteese

The Sophisticate 
Perfect for riding I'd say.

The Bon Bon
Sooo cute!

The Erotique
Love the contrast buttons.

The Femme Totale
For all us stocking lovers...

The Flirteese Demi

And last but not least - The Erotique Opera...
My favourite of them all!

I first spotted Erotique on one of the images for Dita's lingerie line Von Follies.  In particular, on the Madame X sets.  There was word that Dita shot with her personal collection of beautiful gloves but also word that a line of delicious styles were being produced by the lady herself.  I was thrilled to hear this; even if I would only be dreaming of owning a pair for myself.

All these beauties and more styles are available at Just One Eye.  I hear Valentines is just around the corner...

Have a good evening,
Alison xxx

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Scary Mary said...

My gosh!! Love them all <3