Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Old Style Weekend 2014

Helloooo there.  I know, I know.  It's been another few months since I posted something.  Although not without trying mind.  I just never quite get the time to finish a write-up to post.  Anyhooo, on-wards and upwards...  Feeling the winter air blowing in I cast my mind back to the summer.

I knew I couldn't skip posting about Sweden's Old Style Weekend hosted by A-Bombers.  Especially as I missed going to last years event.  Of course it's more about hanging out and having fun with friends than anything else.  But oh what fun!

Here's a little photo taster of my long weekend away...

On our way.  Woohoo!

Malin joined me as backseat baby for once.

Relaxing a little before the rest of the guys showed up.

Our "Camp" for the weekend :)

Friday night... 

A selfie with my Blondie. Always.
Also sporting my new Luxulite necklace there.

The lovers.

The nice shot...

My favourite shot...!  Hehee.

Saturday fun...

My not so great photo from the hillside.

A video I found from the Hill Climb at Devils Peak.

 The sexiest guy in a band from the weekend ;)
Love a hot guy in a wife-beater. 

Wearing my gorgeous electric blue Vavavoom jumpsuit from Tarantula!
Absolutely love it and thinking of buying it in another colour. 

My hair completely dropped out with all the dancing!
Did a shoe change to keep on dancing...

I spent the majority of the weekend hanging out with friends rather then participating at the event as such.  Missed most of the bands.  It was super fun though!  As always, I hope to go again next year.

Love you Sweden!
Alison xxx

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