Wednesday, 13 January 2016

One Looong Year Later...

How quickly a year pasts by.  Apparently the older you get the quicker a year seems to pass by.  The logic?  Something to do with how relative the time is to our own age.  I morbidly think it's because every year seems shorter to the last because we secretly think about how much closer we all are to our deaths.  But that's only if you don't get hit by a bus whilst crossing the road I guess!

I really haven't forgotten about my little blog here as you might think.  Oh no.  Far from it as all my social media is interlinked and really all began because of lovely said blog.  I just really haven't found the time but for some reason I find myself here once again.  Maybe it is because I have been trying my damnedest to get back to doing all the things I love again this end part of the last year.  Someone I met really inspired me to be inspired.  To really put my time back into drawing, writing, reading...  Just actually doing things.  Of course I should really inspire myself but we all get a little lost every now and again.

Many a good and bad events have happened over the course of 2015 and I can truly say I am looking forward to a new year. This past year has been more than testing for me to say the least. Although all was not lost and some good things did occur.  Along with the many hair changes of Alison as per usual so nothing changes there.

I'm sure when I last posted I still had my to-die-for waist length turquoise mermaid hair. Well, a lot has changed since.  I went from this...

To this... Chopchopchop!
This was the first photo of the new hair.

And then well, I just went all out blonde because that's the colour I have always wanted to be!
Then preceded to dye my bangs various temporary colours.

Now I get to strut around pretending to be a "Blonde Bombshell"

Starting to grow my hair out again already because damn I miss the long locks!  Going to see how well the hair holds out with the continuous bleaching.  As they say, once you go blonde... you never go back... Lol.

Why has my year been testing you ask...?  Well, I somehow managed to suffer not one but two heartbreaks.  Must be a record.  Seems I thought it would be a good idea to get over the first heartbreak by getting a second one.  And then I revisited the first one.  How silly of me.  As you can imagine I ended the year in a hot mess of tears and heartache, literally on the last day of the year.  At least 2016 can only look up right?  Funny thing is I thought about my first love from many a years ago a lot this past year.  I'm not sure you ever get over those who meant a lot to you in your life.
I don't generally get too personal on here, not when it involves me being upset anyway.  But I guess these events really affected me and if I am to reflect on the last twelve months it wouldn't be truthful to leave them out.  Where am I now?  I have no idea and I'm not sure I will ever know to be certain.

At least it wasn't all doom and gloom for me.  I finally moved into my very own flat at the end of summer!  Back to Ol' London Town I went.  Moved into a nice little sixties block of flats.  There was and still is a lot to do but slowly and surely it is getting there bit by bit.  I had the builders in for well over a month gutting and doing all the prep and lining, flooring, ceiling, doors etc etc.  I put in a whole new bathroom and kitchen too so you can imagine the work involved.  The only room that is completely finished is the spare room because this was finished modern style (for now) so it was quick and easy.  Every little detail I have painstakingly hand picked to my specification and apparently I'm a very difficult customer according to my sister who was basically project managing the whole thing.  Everything turned into a small fight between having what I wanted and my budget. In the end most things in the flat are what I want with a few small exceptions which I have had to compromise on but not too drastically.  Plus I have plenty of time to get everything just as I want it in the long run.  I just wish I moved in with the flat just as I'd like it to be!

I hope to be able to do a post on some of the progress I have made in the flat.  When I finally get down and dirty with the decor, painting some atomic-esque mid-century details into the kitchen.  This will be a big project but I have to focus on my future ice-cream coloured pink and mint fifties kitchen.  It is in my sight and I will get to the end of it if it kills me!  I have also collected so many prints over the years that I need to frame and finally have up onto walls.  I have my eye on a couple of other things for my bedroom walls but already I have some pieces of vintage lingerie which I want to put into box frames to display.

A couple of pretties for my walls...

I won't post too much about my flat here and now.  I promise to do more on it later.  Soon!
I'll end this post with a little photo of a painting.  A painting an artist painted of me.  Jack Richardson.  I visited Jack at his flat a couple of weeks after we met.  Sat very still for many hours.  He even praised me on how well I sat haha.  Jack did a life "drawing" of me there and then.  But he'd also been working on a piece from one of my photographs.  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece but of course I know these things takes time.  Might do another sitting.  My new career as a life model!

I hope this will be the first of many more posts and my permanent return to the blogging game.
Already a week into the new year.  Time is flying by...

Alison xxx

Ps. I had intended to post this before the weekend but then I gallivanted off to Brighton to put a little fun back into my life.  Then of course we all woke up to some very sad news on Monday morning.

May you rest in peace Mr David Bowie Robert Jones.  Beautiful on so many levels.

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