Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"New" Frames and A New Shade of Blue

Hi All

I'm on my last day of packing before I jet off so this is just a real quick post to show you my frames.  Thought I would squeeze it in!  These are the vintage ones I picked up whilst in Sweden at The Old Style Weekend recently.  I sent them off to vintage frames specialists Dead Men's Spex to have lenses fitted in and they were returned to me within three days.  Amazing service and communication.  I cannot recommend them enough.  I will be sure to send out my other vintage frames to get fixed next month.  They also have an envious collection of specs for sale on their site.  I have many friends who have bought from them but I'm one of those fuss-pots that need to try frames on.  I really can't just go by the measurements, which is a real shame as they stock some lovely ones.  Hopefully DMS will be at an event I'm attending at some point.  They were just at Twinwood but I have never attended that before.  Did you see them there?  Did you make a purchase?

Well, here they are anyway...  What do you think?

I was looking rather geeky with my frames and plaits. Especially when I was walking around taking notes with my A4 notepad in hand at one point. Haha :D 

On my list of things to pickup before the holiday was some more hair dye.  I've been going through the little pot rather rapidly!  As I wash my hair so often and to keep the colour vibrant I have been re-dyeing my streak every other wash.  Luckily it is only a streak so not too much work.  I just pop the dye on before I have my shower.  Do a few pampering things to give it time to do it's work and then jump into the shower.  It is still a shade of blue but it has now gone from Lagoon to Turquoise. Funny how different the colour has taken on.  It is so much more intense and I love it!  I shall see how it washes but hopefully a lot better than Lagoon.  Either way I shall be taking the dye with me to Spain.

One with the new hair and frames...

This is the dye that I use on top of bleached hair

Righto, I better get my packing on!  I shall be at the airport this time tomorrow.  Oh the excitement is too much :D  I'm sure I'll have plenty to show and tell on my return.  I'll try to Tweet some photos whilst I'm out there if I can.

Ooh, just this second before I pressed the publish button I got asked to do a photo shoot whilst out at High Rockabilly.  Things just keep getting better!

See you all not too soon.  Or at the poolside!
Alison xxx


Emma said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!! I wish I could do cool stylish things like that with my hair <3

Yoko said...

oh, how lovely u are!

The Dressing Parlour said...

Thank you lovely ladies x