Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Extra Baggage from High Rock-A-Billy

Hello Lovelies!  I am well and truly back from my holiday at High Rock-A-Billy in Calafell.  I'm currently in my post-holiday blues state with an aching back as a reminder.  No, it's not that bad really.  More of a 'don't want to go back to work-stress' kinda state!  Haha.  It's been so lovely and relaxing having this last week off.

I thought I would start with a post of the goodies I came home with.  Shopping was definitely not on the top of my list for once.  I was trying to be good not to spend too much money because I hope to get a new tattoo at The London Tattoo Convention at the end of the month.  That was a really good incentive to stop me from shopping!  Of course I did do a little.  I can't be that hard on myself.  It was a holiday after all!

As well as the general shops around Calafell there were a couple of stalls every day at the pool parties and a big hall filled with shops at the evening event venue every night.  On the Sunday there was also a Flea Market on alongside the pool party.  This was where it got tricky for me!  My return luggage gained an extra 3kg.

One of the sponsors of the weekender was Sailor Jerry and I was super happy to pick up this tote bag along with my wristband on arrival.  What a welcome surprise :D

From the Event Stalls...

White floral Clip-on Earrings from Bow & Crossbones

See how good I was?  Only one pair of earrings purchased with all those shops there.  Although I am not happy as they have broken already.  It was too late to bring them back to swap as it was the last night.  I have written to them in the hope they will send me a replacement.  I will keep you posted on this.  They also had some lovely coloured plastic and tiki bamboo bangles but as always they were too big for me.  I can never find any to fit my tiny wrists and so am still bangle-less which I am very sad about.  They really do finish off an outfit in my eyes.

As I looked around I didn't dare let myself try on any lovely vintage dresses as to not tempt myself.  There was also a stall selling Re-Mix shoes which is a brand I have been wanting to buy from for a long time now but oh well.  Maybe another time, as it would've definitely been cheaper than shipping them over from the US.

My Flea Market purchases...

A gorgeous 50s Vanity Case!

A lovely Bamboo Handbag which I used the same evening!
I've been hankering after one of these for ages now.

Vintage Houndstooth pencil skirt

Calafell Shopping...

A Decorative Hair-comb and a Pineapple Magnet which I shall turn into a Brooch!

A present for my pumpkins. Teddy bear doggy mat :) 
Always thinking of them wherever I may be.

What with me being a lightweight and the measures of alcohol quite high at the bars I came home with my unopened bottle of rum. Always ready for another party!

That was pretty much it apart from some essentials.  Not a bad collection considering my hold-back on shopping.  I can tell you all my purchases were made at good prices.  I came home with euros to change back to pounds.  It's not often this happens to me.

I will be back soon with more from my weekender in Spain.  A write up of my time there with plenty of photographs and my outfits of course!

Toodles for now,
Alison xxx

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