Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My High Rock-A-Billy Style


Carrying on from my last post on High Rockabilly I thought I would do a separate one of my wardrobe.  These seem to be my most popular write-ups along with my photo shoot posts and it did take me quite a while to pull my outfits together.  Don't you just hate not having your full wardrobe on access when you need it the most?!

Here is a list of my entire luggage... 5 Dresses, 2 Two-Piece sets, 7 Tops, 3 Skirts, 6 Shorts/Pants, 2 Playsuits, 17 pieces of Lingerie, 4 sets of Bikinis, 7 Handbags, 6 pairs of Shoes, 5 Head Scarves, 2 Sarongs, 2 Fans, a Belt, lots of Hair Flowers & Accessories, Tongs & Rollers, 3 pairs of Sunnies, some Jewellery, a Parasol and heaps of Cosmetics/Products!

This happily came in under my luggage weight allowance.  I was pretty pleased with what I had achieved.  There wasn't too much I didn't use and I needed the choice!  Unfortunately I didn't photograph all my outfits so there are a few missing but there are still plenty here to show you.

Wednesday - Day of arrival

A quick freshen up and change of outfit after landing for our first night out.
Simple wife beater and high-waisted denim shorts with my tiki wedges.

Thursday - First Day of the Festival!

No capture of my beachwear but here I am for the pool party.
This two-piece is another of my tailor made outfits. Nice and bright!

In the evening I wore my Vivian of Holloway favourite blue Hawaiian sarong dress.
This was teamed with my Miss L Fire clear lucite handbag.

I wore a lovely up-do for this outfit.
You can't quite see the two rolls at the front here.

Friday - Day of Photo shoot

In the morning I went off to do a photo shoot by the beach.
Later for the pool party I dressed-down. It was so so hot and I was a bit tired!
One of my all-time favourite tops from Mode Merr.

Parasol became pool parties best friend...

In the evening we went out for an Indian meal before partying.
I wore my bespoke Leopard print Cheongsam dress.

Saturday - Hillbilly BBQ

Attending the Hillbilly BBQ in some leopard print hotpants and an off-shoulder top.
The party was by the pool but I'd feel odd eating a BBQ in my bikini!
This chair was surely designed for pin-up posing no?

My poolside attire - half bikini, half hot pants since I don't actually swim.
I managed to wear two of the bikini tops with shorts. Not bad.

(Apologies for the bathroom pic) I didn't get a full outfit shot by the pool.
There were definitely some mixed reactions to my hot pants.
Not sure why as we were by the pool. Haha.

In the evening I broke out one of my favourite pieces of vintage.
You may recognise this dress from my feature in a certain book ;) 
Teamed with my "new" handbag purchased at Old Style Weekend.

Sunday - Flea Market Day and the Last Day :( 
I don't seem to have any photos of my daytime outfit again.  It was the cutest little vintage top and circle skirt.  My apologies... but I do have the evening outfit!

One of my favourite made to measure two-piece outfits from a vintage pattern.
This is the second time I have worn it out and the crazy amount of compliments I get!

With my Vivienne/Melissa mules & newly purchased handbag from the flea earlier.

I really liked my hair that evening.
Veronica Lake style waves pinned to one side.

I hope you enjoyed my outfits for High Rockabilly.  Some of which you may recognise if you are a regular reader of my blog.  Going on two summer vacations this year has meant less clothes shopping for me.  Although pretty much everything is new-ish (if not new) having only worn them once or twice before.  Thank goodness I have a general addiction to shopping!  There are quite a few outfits missing from my trip, but mostly daytime ones.  I am quite excited to hopefully see some photos from the shoot I did soon.  I shall of course make a post on them.

I want to say a big hi to everyone I met.  It was lovely to meet those of you who read my blog also.  I thought that was really fun!  I will be back with an overview of High Rockabilly next time.  For now, I am thinking about Thursday when I shall be making a visit to The Vintage Patisserie head quarters!

Much love,
Alison xxx

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