Monday, 31 January 2011

Make like Carmen Miranda...

Hello all!
So yesterday I was having a little browse around the shops when my sister pointed out to me some lovely light displays - we were in Debenhams.  They were adorable and if they worked in our home we would definitely have some.  I can imagine the cascade of mini pineapple lights as a centre piece to a set stairs.  Unfortunately they are not for sale.  They looked to be a DIY job by their Visual team as we later saw the pineapple tops used as mannequin heads, hehe!

It reminded me just how popular pineapples were back in the good ol' days.  I went on a little search.

This is a 1940s Murano Art Glass table lamp
A Pitcher - although I have no idea how old this
one may be as the designs date back to the 1870s.
A stack of 1940s Vintage Bakelite Bangles with carvings of pineapples
A Belt Buckle and a 1950s Rhinestone Brooch
Pineapple Advertisements through the decades - 1931, 1946 and below 1955
Some giant versions...
left: A Pineapple Fountain in Charleston's Waterfront Park, South Carolina
right: The Big Pineapple - a pineapple plantation in Queensland, Australia dated 1971 at 16m high.
Some lovely vintage Fruit Picks and who could forget the 70s favourite, Cheese on sticks!

I hope I haven't pineappled you out.  This is a bit of a weird post but I've had so much fun looking at all the inspirations and designs.  Maybe we could all fit a little pineapple in our lives - big or small!x


vintagepri said...

I Love Carmen, Nice blog!

Miss V said...

Yay for Pineapples! Love the Bakelite Bangles and Pitcher... adorable ;)

RedlegsinSoho said...

I love pineapple shaped things, been hankering after a pineapple ice bucket for ages, problem is the last one I saw was 300 quid. Oh well. x