Friday, 21 January 2011

Here goes my first post!

I have been meaning to set up my blog for some time now and I thought to myself there was no better time then the present. I am proud to say that my styling work is currently on display as part of Jaana Viitakangas photography exhibition at the fashion/lifestyle store Urban Outfitters, situated within the hassle and bustle of Covent Garden. Jaana is a very talented photographer whom I have had the pleasure to work with on numerous occasions. We first met through our mutual friend Kate when we had a lock in at Positively 4th St, a lovely deco style bar where Kate works. Since then we have worked on a number of projects together with Jaana as the photographer and myself as the stylist and art director. She has fast become a good friend through our mutual appreciation of the arts and our admiration of each others style and hard work.
If you get a chance please do swing by to have a look at our work and Jaana's website.

Until next time,
Alison x


Rachael said...

welcome to blogger x

sonia said...

oh, sweet display!

The Dressing Parlour said...

Thank you ladies x