Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nailing It

Well what a jolly couple of days it has been with the weather.  And news of a two week heat wave coming our way too!  So I thought I would post a little something lighthearted and colourful for today to match the mood.

I do love my nails.  I always have and I probably always will take good care of them.  I'm always told how it's rare for people to have long natural nails nowadays.  Everyone always assumes my nails are fake.  But oh no no no they're not!  I guess especially when faux nails are so easy to have done and are actually cheaper to have and less maintenance it makes sense.

My nails are pretty good but do need a bit of help.  They grow very fast, just like my hair.  However, because I'm so hands on at work they do have a tendency to break now and then.  And you know how it goes ladies.  When one goes the rest just seem to want to follow.  It's like as if they know their sister has gone wayward.  But this is where the wonderful Bio Sculpture Gel comes in.  I have my nails pampered at the salon every few weeks.  The gel really helps me to keep my nails strong.  I do still need to keep them at a reasonable length; but that is pretty long before I feel the need to give them a trim.  Just to keep them at safety length in fear of breakage.  They're not immune to it by any means.

I thought since I hadn't been on here much in the last year I would update you all with the array of colours I have been sporting.  Not quite the rainbow but never the same colour.  That is unless I have my classic red.

Glossy and Black. Loved.

Deepest Red/Brown and an Electric Purple/Blue
Gold Glitter for Christmas and a Plummy tone

One of my favourites so far.
Coral with a layer of gold dust, finished with some iridescent shimmer. 

My nail technician said that my nails matched my face.
My brows and my red lips that is... Lol!

Layers upon layers of iridescent shimmer on nude.
I loved the shimmer so much I took it on its own.

Some Deco goodness with gold metallic tips!

My current nail adornment :)
A version of an earlier paint job but with more iridescent and less gold! 

If you follow me on my Instagram you will know I love to post about my nails.
What next?  Who knows ;)

Alison xxx

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