Monday, 19 May 2014

My Vintage Down in the Dumps

The title says it all.  I was having a down time.  Even a bad time when it came to shopping for some 'new to me' pieces.  For some reason I 'd been having a real hard time seeing anything that I liked in my size recently.  Always finding beautiful things in other sizes but my alteration pile is just never ending.  Of course I still had good ol' repro and made to measure to turn to.  Thank goodness.  But we all know it's not the same.  That feeling you get when you find the most amazing of dresses and it is your perfect size!  Gasp!!

I decided I needed to turn this around and so I called on the help of the ladies of the Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop on Facebook.  If you don't know it you should take a look.  Such a gem of a group and some fantastic people on there who not only buy and sell but can also help you with any tricks and tips with your items.  I had joined the group some time ago but never really used it.  That was up until recently and well, I would just like to warn you.  It can get rather obsessive because you never want to miss that one item.

I had noticed that from time to time people would post in the group requesting specific items so I thought why not?  I left a little message on there and hoped that somewhere someone would have some nice things to show me.  Well, they sure did.  The response was more then I had expected.  Not only did I finally find myself some goodies but it also perked me up to try and get my search-on again.  From OLL to Etsy I went.  A determined woman on a mission!

Here are just a few of the items I have managed to acquire...

1950s Black Flocked Organza Dress
This beauty fits me like a glove.  As if it were made for me :D

This bright number needs a bit of TLC which I hope to have fixed up.
I'm going to give it a go anyway.

A pair of early 60s Baby Blue Plaid Wool Cigarette Pants.
Saved for next winter.

As well as clothing I also collected this rainbow set of chiffon scarves.
You can never have too many colours!

However, my major score was this oh-so-stunning set.
This 1940s Sweetheart Dress and Coat Ensemble.

This is probably one of the most amazing pieces of vintage I own and I have been collecting and wearing for many years.  The dress is just a tiny bit big but definitely a keeper.  Unfortunately the coat is too big for me to wear.  I am undecided on what to do with it yet.  I'm torn because I hate the idea of separating them because beautiful pairs like this is so hard to come by.  But on the other hand I feel terrible if it were never to be worn again as the likelihood of me selling the dress on would be very slim.  It's just such a shame that the lovely heart details are not present on any part of the dress itself.  What do you think about my dilemma?  Are any of my readers interested in the coat maybe?  These are the measurements taken from the original listing - coat: length 40.5" / waist 26" / hip open (zipper comes just below waist) / bust 34-36" / sleeve 24" (meant to be blousey).  This here is the link from Etsy with all the details but there was another owner between myself and this seller.

Whilst we are all here, if you have some vintage garments which may be of interest to me do send me a message.  I'm never not looking!  My measurements are 30-31/23-24/33 or there abouts.

I'm sure happy with this lot.  Just goes to show... Never get down in the dumps and never give up hope.  Even if we are only talking about shopping!  I'll be making a post on some of my homeware finds soon.  So keep a look out because I have some goodies to show off.

Hope you have all had a wonderful sunny few days.  There's a little rain a-coming in the next few so keep those head scarves and cardies at the ready!

See you soon,
Alison xxx

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