Wednesday, 23 April 2014



Hope you're all having a lovely day and the week so far has not been dragging since the long BH weekend.  So I've been dying to share this with you all.  Some months ago I felt like the luckiest girl of them all as I had won one of those competitions through Instagram.  You know, the ones that everyone holds where you share their image and tag and hash-tag them to death hoping that you might win at least one in your lifetime?!

Well... How excited was I when I found out that I was the winner of the Tarantula Clothing competition!!!  Best Christmas present ever.  I could choose any item I wanted from their website.  Lucky girl indeed.

Now, choosing was a tough decision.  Just look at this array of beauties they have to offer...

Hard Working Dress - Working hard for your figure!

Continental Circle Skirt which comes in many a fabric options.

Wild Catsuit

Waterfall Dress and Chorus Girl Romper

Can you see how I had a hard time deciding?  Originally I had opted for the Wild Catsuit because I have always wanted one of theirs.  Have you seen photos of the lovely pastel coloured versions?  The gals look absolutely gorgeous in them and I wanted to look just like them!  But just as I was making my mind up Tarantula launched their new number.  Oh boy is it a stunner!

Introducing the VAVA-VAVOOM Catsuit!

I just received the package last week and hopefully I can show it off to you all very soon.  My VaVa-VaVoom is in the most beautiful sparkly electric blue.  Perfect for dancing in!  As soon as I have a photo of me wearing it out and about I'll be sure to make a post on here right away.

Until then, toodles, 
Alison xxx


Unknown said...

FAB!! I didn't know Tarantula were still going, I have a pair of their capris from years ago <3

DavidC said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and I can't wait to see your tiny lil body in it!! Keep rockin' girl!!
Sin~~cerely David C

DavidC said...

Love your blog- I want to be you when I grew up!!