Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hair. Checked. Nails. Checked. Feet. Checked!!!

Hello from glorious London...  So I am officially on vacation from work!  Woopwoop :D

I am getting all prepped, packed and ready at the moment before I jet off.  Some of you may have noticed I have a big crush on Sweden.  And if you didn't, you do now as I am once again visiting the land of the beautiful people.  I planned this little holiday to spend my birthday in Sweden as I had wanted to be away this time last year but it ended up clashing with my relocation back to London.  Which was wonderful in itself.  But it was no holiday that's for sure.

I'd been holding back doing my hair for a bit now as I hadn't decided on exactly what to do.  Do I just re-do the roots on my streak and back or go back to black completely?  Or do I do what I have wanted all along... All out full head of turquoise/blue!?

This was the most recent photo of me pre-hair change.
That was a good day. Especially after a whole long weekend of partying and no sleep.

And then I was blonde...

If it had turned out as a full head of white blonde I would have kept it like that for a while.  I have always wanted to try out the "Blondes have more fun" look.  Hehe.  Maybe another time, when I bleach it all over again there will be less yellow streaks.  Not bad from going black to blonde!

Anyway I know you all want to see the new hair so here it is...

Mermaid goodness!

I love how it coordinates with my neck tattoo.
Perfect accessory! 

The mother of all Hairs Rolls right here, lol.

My nails have been playing up so much recently.  They are no longer their long lustrous old self but I decided I would go and have them done for my get away anyway so that I won't have to worry about chips and re-painting etc.  In comes the ladies at Hula Nails; London's very own cheeky tiki vintage beauty parlour.  Hopefully I can get my nails back on top form with some bio-gel polish!

A nice shade of coral for the summery weather!

There's nothing like a new pair of shoes.  Especially when it is from the amazing Miss L Fire.  I've had my eyes on these since they previewed the collection earlier on in the year.  And now they are mine.  All mine!

The lovely 'Lolas' in rust

I'll be sure to get a photo wearing them from my trip to show them off in all their glory!  How exciting.  I shall definitely be wearing them at this 'Live & Rockin' event where my Malin is judging best dressed and Magnus is playing with his band...

I shall be back after my holiday to report on the lovely Sweden but also to post about the recent launch of Teacup Wilbur!  Their cakes were to die for...

Tara for now,
Alison xxx


Incendiary Blonde said...

I LOVE your mermaid hair!!! It turned out perfect - and so impressive to get it that light going from black!

Miss Lindy Lee said...

The looks awesome!!! Have a great time in Sweden! Are you visiting for A-bombers this year aswell?

Gabriel S. Ignácio said...

Oh, you look amazing, dear!!!
I really like blue hair!
Have a nice day.

The Dressing Parlour said...

Oh thank you lovelies! I am loving my new hair so much. Lets hope I keep it up, hehe. xx

Linda - I should be coming to A-bombers but haven't booked flights yet. Still in Sweden right now! Wish I could stay through till after A-bombers... So lovely here at the moment. xx