Monday, 27 May 2013

Not Here but Elsewhere...


So since I have been away and didn't have much time to write I actually took to some other less time consuming web activities.  I Tweeted a bit more, I set up my Miss Cherrylicious Facebook page for my modeling work and I recently made my Instagram public having had it the last couple of years.  I just checked and my first ever photo on there was from May 2011!  No one I knew used Instagram back then and that was one of the reasons I remember for not sharing on it originally.  I have favored between them on and off.  One of the things I missed most on here was writing my outfit posts.  They were fun!  I have tried to do a few more snaps on Instagram recently so thought I would share with you some of the photos which I haven't posted here before.

Full on all-up bouffant which I never usually do but I do occasionally now.

New top from Topshop which could almost be from a repro brand!
Teamed with my Freddies and favourite varsity jacket.

One of my dress-down days.
A-Bombers yeh! Cannot wait to go back this year.

This colour looks great with my skin tone and black hair.

Perfect make-up face. Eyes, brows, lips, everything. Happy.
Getting ready for some Yeah Yeah Yeahs carnage!

Sweet 60s look.

The super-crop... Has a tendency to flash though.

I love my collection of Tara Starlet button-down pencils skirts.
Such a shame they no longer make their clothes in my size :( 

I love doing the heels and socks combo!
Comfort and style... Great for summer. 

It's funny because I had my hair cut quite a bit maybe a month or two ago but you can't really tell in the pics because it grows like a monster!  It's nearly halfway down my back already and I couldn't even ponytail it up when first cut.

I've just had a huge BH weekend of partying and am about to die so this is me for the evening.  I am off to eat cake.  My sisters homemade Chocolate Guinness cake.  Yums!

Alison xxx

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