Friday, 21 June 2013

A Very Swedish Birthday!

Well I have been back from Sweden about a week now and what fun it was but I guess it is time to document!  I wanted to get away for my birthday this year, no where crazy.  Just somewhere nice, fun and relaxed.  I thought I was leaving the sunniest weather behind when I left London but apparently it got all "English" on us again so I didn't miss our "summer"!  Sweden was beautiful as always and sunny which was perfect.  I even got some tan lines (unfortunate for me - Miss Sun-Shy) but I can't complain as I'd rather the sun.  It does lift the spirits after all!

My Birth-Day started with a musical rendition of a very famous song but in Swedish from my blondie Malin presenting me with a little sweet with a candle on top :)

Realising I liked to collect miniture animals Malin gifted me these.
They are from her childhood which she was going to sell.
How adorable... little glass pups!

I also received this via the waves from my little brother.... Hahaha... Lazer eyes Dottie!

After breakfast it was time to get ready to hit the town.  To one of my favourite shop that is!  It is hands down one of the best antique stores I have been to and will always visit when I go to Göteborg.  It's one of those ones that you are constantly spotting something glorious.  Not at all like some antique shops I have been to where you are afraid to touch things or are made to feel uneasy.  I love it in here and could easily part with a small fortune.

This set of cigarette holder and ashtray was so beautiful.
Naughty, but almost worth smoking for! 

Wandered round town some more and picked up a few bits here and there but I'll do a shopping post separately.  It's called for.  They even had their own version of our Boris Bikes... Although maybe they had them first?  Lovely old style cobbled lanes lined with coffee shops.  Anyone fancy some fika?

For the evening we went to the lovely Liseberg, home to the green rabbit.  My first visit to Liseberg was the first time I came to visit Malin about seven years ago now.  That was my very first trip to Sweden and look how many times I have been back since.  There must be something in the air... Not just the cute Swedish boys ;)

We did a lot on my first visit.  All the touristy things...  I remember it fondly.  I even made a scrapbook of that vacation.  It would be nice to print some more photos of my various visits I think.

Now follow me...

Doesn't it just look so beautiful!

Country trio 'Cookies n Beans' were performing that evening.
The Hives were billed a few days later which sadly I missed out on.

A lot of original 1950s features remain; the ticket box and the lamps above :) 

Double Denim!

Plopp... Always a joke in England

With our 'Winnings'

Ice-cream sundaes were on the agenda whilst at Liseberg but it was getting far too cold out.  I even grabbed a hot chocolate before we stopped for dinner.  It all worked out though as there was scrummy ice-cream back at home!  Washed down with a hot cuppa tea.

So that was my very Swedish Birth-Day!  Beats just going out for drinkies/dinner and the weather hasn't been great the pass few years to even consider a picnic.

I leave you here with my outfit for the special day.  I'll be back with more Sweden fun posts!

Simple 'n' Chic for day-night look.

From top of the head to the tootsies!
All dressed up and ready to go.

Tara until the next time,
Alison xxx

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